Next Zcash Protocol Hangout Scheduled for January 21, 2020

By Maheen Hernandez January 10, 2020 Off
Zcash Protocol january 21 2020

Zcash is building and supporting privacy infrastructure for the public good, with a focus on Zcash 501(c)(3) public charity.  ZCash Foundation tweeted about the next Zcash Protocol Hangout, which got scheduled for January 21, 2020.

The Electric coin company tweeted: “Privacy is about having the choice – it is the right to decide who we tell what, to establish boundaries, to limit who has access to our bodies, places, and things, as well as our communications and our information.”

ZCash Protocol Hangout

The ZCash Protocol Hangout will be an open conversation concerning the future of ZCash.  The ZCash Foundation is hosting the event.  The first ZCash halving got scheduled for October 20, 2020.  The halving will end the Founders Reward.

The discussion will be focused on:  “How should the community pay for protocol and ecosystem development after that point? We’re still figuring it out.”

The notification states:  “Please join this video call to share your thoughts!”  Further details include:  “RSVP by filling out this form. After submitting your information, you will receive a calendar invitation via email.  The video call will not be live-streamed, but it will get recorded and published on the Zcash Foundation’s YouTube channel. You are welcome obscure your face or restrict your broadcast to audio.”

ZCash Privacy and Data Exploitation

Zooko Wilcox-O’Hearn will continue to take the founder’s reward.  On December 11, 2019, it got published, “At the current price of $31.85, the founder’s reward equates to $64,000 per month.”

Recently a prominent twitter personality called ZCash a failure and stated that the privacy coin “Dumped on investors.”

Whale Panda stated that Zcash did not increase its market cap and did not deliver a return to its investors and therefore called it a failure. He also made references to the “creator Zooko Wilcox-O’Hearn receive 2,033 ZEC per month.”

However, CCN states that back in history, it is clear that During Early October 2016, ZCash held the 38th place in terms of market capitalization.

Vitalik.eth came for rescue and tweeted:  “Zcash has been doing cutting-edge research and deployment of privacy tech and at the same time exploring uncharted terrain in blockchain governance, and the platform keeps getting better. No idea how one can consider it a failure.”

In response, Udi Wertheimer tweeted:  “It’s a great success for people who want to research at the expense of moronic retail investors who are never going to see a return of investment. It’s a failure for said retail investors. Happy to help.”

We need to see if the ZCash Protocol Hangout will bring a solution to all of such concerns.

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