Cardano Staking Interest Rates are Fantabulous Hoskinson Writes about Japanese and African Strategy

By Steven Anderson January 13, 2020 Off
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Considering real-world negative interest rates, the Cardano Protocol Staking interest rates are fabulous.  And, this is one reason why many people believe and follow it.  Several people are interested in cryptocurrencies, particularly the Defi.  The newer possibilities with the main net are much awaited. The year 2020 is expected to be impactful for Cardano.

Charles Hoskinson opined that the 2020s would be a Decade of # Cardano (ADA). He previously stated, “We would like to see thousands of meta tokens living on the platform alongside securities, commodities, and other digital representations of value.”

Cardano Truly Decentralized

Cardano is a truly decentralized project.  The pools are evenly distributed, and therefore they do not get saturated.  Shelly, the main net, smart contracts are scheduled to be released soon.  The academic peer-reviewed development process is something that everyone loves about Cardano.  Thus, they are building an economic foundation alongside the academic foundation.

The price of the ADA has been trending in the bearish zone over the past few months. The token has now gained significantly.  The price was trending at $0.038 and might likely increase to $0.041 and $0.053 per RSI and MACD.  The price might decline if the trends fail to break the wedge. Federal law prevents US citizens from using most of the cryptocurrency platforms.  US traders can use Binance and Voyager to trade ADA.

Cardano Japanese and African Strategy

Charles Hoskinson, CEO of IOHK, stated in his letter to the Cardano Foundation to have a clear-concise African and Japan strategy.  Japanese Strategy per Hoskinson is to gain liquidity; however, the African Strategy is to have a Cardano representative in 52 countries of Africa.

Hoskinson opines, it is essential to have Emurgo, IOHK, and Cardano Foundation aligned to improve adoption.  Cardano is working on building a blockchain for governance in the African region. Hoskinson focuses on positioning ADA as the global financial and social operating system.

He stated, “The continual adoption of open source technology means that ideas can flow more freely around the world.”

Sydney Ifergan, the Crypto Expert, tweeted: “A decade of cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and #decentralization.  #Cardano will set its signature in the coming decade in its way with unique use cases. The strategy of Cardano representatives in 52 countries of Africa is a practical venture for #massadoption.”

Whether Japan or Africa, from the progress of Cardano, it is clear they will venture across all continents in steps employing suitable strategies.

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