What Makes Ethereum Possibly Become the Best Investment of the 2020s, Analysts Explain

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It was 2017 when the price of Ethereum become the major bull market. After that, the native digital asset has not shown good performance in the crypto space. However, 2020 can be a different year for ETH as it goes forward.

Those folks who have been busy on Crypto Twitter during the past few days might likely to notice a sentiment stating, “Ethereum will be the best-performing asset of the ongoing decade, the 2020s.”

That sentiment gained so much attention from crypto investors, who experienced no full-fledged bull run in the past two years. Additionally, that sentiment may have a correlation with the fact that BTC easily became the best investment of the previous decade.

Past Price Action of Ethereum Has Similarity with Bitcoin’s, Only More Dramatic Increase

At the beginning of 2010, Bitcoin’s price is somewhat hazy, where the estimated actual percentage gains are between 60,000 and 90,000%.

However, no one could deny that BTC outperformed other assets in the market during its first ten years of existence. Then, there goes Ethereum as the second placer.

Many crypto experts see the potential of ETH to become the best investment of the 2020s. That prediction can be in reality if the Ethereum’s price will continue to improve thereafter the early performance of BTC.

Twitter-based crypto analyst CrytoWolf pointed out the similarities between Bitcoin’s and Ethereum’s price performance during their early years. The crypto analyst even presented a chart that shows the similar growth of the two assets.

From the chart, the Ethereum price action closely resembles that of BTC. However, the price of Ethereum has experienced a more dramatic increase than BTC between 2010 and mid-2012.

Will ETH Become the Current Decade’s Top-Performing Asset?

The chart presented by CryptoWolf implies that in case Ethereum continuously follows the path being trailblazed by BTC, there’s a huge chance that it can surge by thousands of percent by the end of the 2020s. Not only that, but it can also potentially become higher, which is good news for bulls.

The addressable market of ETH can be limitless in the future, as analysts predicted. Andrew Keys, Former ConsenSys Executive, released a blog that outlines why he thinks ETH will perform very well in the 2020s, and potentially outperform BTC.

Andrew Keys noted that “trustlesstly and digitally represent fiat, gold, software licenses, equity, debt, derivatives, loyalty points, reputation ratings, and much much more that we can’t even conceive of yet.” This suggests that through decentralized applications and smart contracts, ETH can perform so well.

Additionally, Keys claims that global tokenization is a market opportunity, where “estimated at well over $80 trillion.” Despite having no guarantee that ETH will become the blockchain capturing that value in the long run, it comes with infinite use cases when compared to that of Bitcoin.

Overall, the predictions of many crypto analysts suggest that there’s something to anticipate from Ethereum this current decade.

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