Blocnation Wants to Reveal the Cryptocurrency Market with Introduction of the First Decentralized Initial Coin Offering

By dan saada May 11, 2018 Off

The future of digital payment processing has begun as Blocnation presented the first decentralized Initial Coin Offering of the world. Working on its blockchain made with the Komodo Platform, the BNTN or Blocnation token will be utilized to reveal cryptocurrency-payment abilities throughout PouchNATION venues and events and offer solutions for unserved by conventional finance.

PouchNATION is the leading cashless payment system in Southeast Asia, handling digital payments for events for approximately 150,000 individuals. Along with offices throughout six nations, PouchNATION is the special roll-out partner of Blocnation, enabling fast adoption throughout their extensive ecosystem of venues and events.

The Blocnation app will allow users to obtain event tickets, hold altcoins, top-up online, receive post cash-back, book stay at venues and a lot more, starting with the lifestyle market. On top of that, the rollout of this type of technology throughout a 3-phase scheme will put the power of crypto funds in the hands of anyone who has a smartphone. Blocnation is situated to capitalize on this thrilling market.

  • Consumers in Southeast Asia consume more time on their phone internet than any other market along with an average number of 3.6 hours every day;
  • Internet economy in Southeast Asia is calculated at $50 billion and anticipated to climb three hundred percent in 2025 and;
  • The business value-add of blockchain will develop to $176 billion by 2025.

The collaboration between Komodo and Blocnation offers some benefits for users that includes total anonymity for purchasers, strong security protocols resilient to susceptibilities experienced by other platforms as well as multi-coin storage in the cryptocurrency lifestyle payment app.

Further, the platform supports etomic and atomic swaps flawless trades between tokens based on the Ethereum protocol and Bitcoin protocol.

Compared to most digital currencies, which only have theoretical future applications. Blocnation Token will surely fire the cashless payment system of PouchNATION. Their network of festivals, venues, and events throughout Southeast Asia will utilize BNTN as the normal digital currency. Through NFC technology and the closed loop payment solution, a lot of users will enjoy the prompt and secure transactions while venues and organizers save on transaction costs.

Both Komodo and Blocnation teams are dedicated to making a new standard in digital payments. It is the first of the countless steps towards complete financial inclusion. For the people organizing and attending events, the future is surely looking bright.