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Decoin Didi Taihuttu

DECOIN is a decentralized blockchain-based exchange and trading platform with redistributed revenue to coin holders. It ensures full secured and encrypted technology system for cryptocurrency users to reach their full potential aligning with the decentralized nature of the block-chain itself.

My involvement with the DECOIN wasn’t only because of its unique advantages but also because of my belief in financial freedom. I believe everyone is entitled to a better life when they are giving the opportunity to do so. However, when I joined the advisory team I realized there’s so much to gain from the system.

DECOIN aims to build a world-renowned customer care centers worldwide to facilitate the adoption of cryptocurrency and block-chain technologies.

Advantages of DECOIN

1. Accessibility

One of the earliest reasons for joining this platform was because I understood the openness of every exchange. DECOIN is developing a mainframe of commercialized grade block-chain that is remarkably extensible and secure.

2. Trading Revenue Sharing Exchange

As a DECOIN holder, you tend to gain from the transactions fees and the daily volume accumulated on the exchange, even if the market is fluctuating or not. Uniquely, DECOIN shares all its dividends and revenue with the coin’s holders. The trading revenues include; spreads commissions, aggregation, risk positions and margin interest.

3. Full Support

The cryptocurrency exchange enables customer’s access online information through the customized services, providing you with full details on how to get started within the crypto space.

4. Investment with Unprecedented Returns

The POS algorithm ensures an average of 6.2% yearly interest return to all coin holders that will stake their coins on the DECOIN online wallet, rewarding their loyalty toward the coin adoption.

5. Monetization and Liquefaction

The first ever exchange platform allows direct access to our revenue using your own personal DTEP credit card. Just another way you can save time and simplify the process.


The vision of the DECOIN is to be the world leading cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform. As a coin holder, you will be a partner in revenus. DECOIN stands for “The coin of the people” with the intention of sharing the liquidity pool and revenues of the exchange with our contributors.

Our drive is to have a state of the art exchange platform for cryptocurrency users in order for them to exploit their full potential aligning with the decentralized nature of the blockchain itself.

The technology involved in DECOIN is similar to the Bitcoin – a block-chain based revenues sharing exchange coin. DECOIN is in a building process of being a world-class renowned, quick-action, easy and simple multi-currency exchange and trading platform, which shares its exchange revenues with all of it’s coin-holders.

In addition, DECOIN’s top-notch security guarantees decoin’s users an easy, relaxing and reliable trading experience to assure completed transactions.

I Didi Taihuttu, a member of the team of advisors in DECOIN joined this ICO because of the above-stated advantages and benefits of DECOIN. As you well know, I took a chance with Bitcoin and I succeeded because I took the opportunity.

Notwithstanding the success I made from bitcoin, I now face another opportunity and I want you to jump aboard this train and experience a new type cryptocurrency exchange platform and be part of it. If you join now you will receive 50% bonus. Above all, I want you to gain total financial freedom

More information is available on the official website: or through the official e-mail, where support can be reached at any time: [email protected]

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