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Augur V2 REP Cryptocurrency Use Case Coming Soon Bet on Cryptocurrency Prices

By dan saada

Joey Krug, co-founder of Augur, Explains the Value of Origin. Origin is backed by some of the most incredible people in the entire crypto space.

Augur tweeted:  “Augur v2: No-limit betting on crypto prices and milestones coming soon.”

Augur facilitates betting on ETH, BTC, LTC, and REP

The soon to be launched Augur facilitates the most accessible and no-limit betting platform.  The betting is on crypto prices.  Users can bet on the price of ETH, BTC, LTC, and REP.  There is no limit on the amount of money that can be waged in crypto betting.  The cap limit on the platform is in its entirety, and the limits would not be varied based on performance.

There are no withdrawal fees and Augur does not take a cut.  The trading fees are the lowest available (~1%), and no withdrawal fees are applicable.

Users can bet on whatever crypto market they imagine ranging from betting on Bitcoin opening price through Ethereum’s weekly trading range.  Augur is on the Ethereum blockchain, and no matter where the investors are, they will be able to access it from anywhere in the world.

Augur is a lot faster, and users can trade in seconds.  Users tend to synchronize data obtained from different blockchains for making their bets.

Augur V2 Updates

Augur facilitates universal access to tools that increase and protect the wealth of investors through finance and betting.

Sydney Ifergan, Crypto Expert, when talking about betting on crypto stated, “Whether betting or investing based on market trends a systematic and scientific method goes a long way.” He further tweeted: “Systematic formula based on valuable and true data synchronized from various sources help arriving at near-accurate prediction.”

Betting on crypto prices takes strong prediction skills.  And, the data used for the betting should be reliable and valuable.  The investor should be aware of everything when following then bet to predict the right price.   The Augur tools will be of use to those who are looking to get a hold of the price trends of cryptocurrencies.  Therefore, the tools would be of use for bettors and investors alike.

Christopher Micheal Klebba tweeted:  “I think we are all seeing there is a strong use case for.”

Kevin Stanley tweeted:  The email @AugurProject just dropped with the subject, “Augur v2 is Coming!” has me fired up!! Huge things coming out of the Augur camp. It WILL be the first killer dApp. You’ll be telling your kids and grandkids about them.

The Augur community and Bettors are excited.

dan saada

Dan hold a master of finance from the ISEG (France) , Dan is also a Fan of cryptocurrencies and mining.

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