IOTA m2m payment system

IOTA Future Machine Economy Enables Digital Trust in the M2M Payment Systems without Miners Chains or Blocks

January 19, 2020 Off By Steven Anderson

Sydney Ifergan, the Crypto expert, tweeted:  “IOTA is all diligent, and their developers are working on many things.  IOTA is all set to define the future on how any autonomous machine will interact in the future.”

IOTA recently published that they are hiring Technical Analyst and Project Leader in Japan.

IOTA tweeted:  “The Unified Identity Protocol is a #DigitalIdentity implementation built on the #Tangle. An introduction to the subject & an explanation of why things, organizations, and people should use a shared layer of trust can be found in our #whitepaper.”

IOTA Technology

In a permissioned context, the state of the DLT ecosystem, on the whole, has improved.  However, at IOTA, they are working to improve on the DLT ecosystem in a permissionless context. While IOTA acknowledges the benefits of permissioned systems, the hyper ledger fabric of IOTA integrated with Tangle from IOTA facilitates the most needed internal bridge integrating IOTA Connectors.

The IOTA blog provides detailed instructions on how to integrate the IOTA connectors.  IOTA connector codes should get added to smart contracts with features providing for modifying the existing records.

Dominik Schiener, Co-Founder at IOTA, recently re-tweeted:  “Releasing the January Dev Update with the latest news on #IOTA’s key projects. Our engineering team is back after the holidays, and we’re going full steam ahead towards implementing upgrades that will be visible both pre and post-#Coordicide.”

IOTA Price Trends

The IOTA price is trending somewhere near 0.24149.  The price of the token is driven by technological advances, market sentiments, teams, and trends.  The transaction times for the token are very fast, and it was primarily conceived for payments between machines. IOTA is one of the very few tokens that need not be mined.  It does not have blocks nor chains.

IOTA will experience growth, and the price of the token will increase slowly and steadily every year.  The Internet of Things particularly promises excellent opportunities for IOTA. Experts have valid reasons for why the MIOTA price will rise. For those who do not have a clear picture of why would do well watching an old presentation by Terry Shane at the end of 2018.  The automotive future and use cases explain several things like the DLT, IoT, and a range of use cases for IOTA reasonably well.

IOTA is an early player in the next-generation distributed ledger technology beyond the blockchain.  IOTA is set to reform without fees, miners, chains, or blocks

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