Here’s What You Missed on January 19 – BSV, BCH, DASH, and ETC Price Analysis

By TCA PR January 20, 2020 Off
BSV BCH Dash Etc price

It seems like crypto buyers continue to come to the market. Since January 13, there’s a remarkable increase in trading volumes. In fact, the overall market capitalization’s indicator has a growth of 9.6%.

Interestingly, almost primary cryptos have successfully started 2020 with positive market value. On the other hand, the cryptocurrency market tends to be in red in the past 24 hours. What does it mean? The crypto rally might end up in a minor consolidation in the coming few days as per hitting a roadblock.

According to seasoned analysts, Bitcoin (BTC) will unlikely to collapse to a $6,000 region. Then, it’s advisable for the traders to aim themselves for long-term gains and not for short-term gains in BTC.

As Bitcoin recently crashed 7%, it’s no surprise why it’s not part of the top 5 crypto assets this week. Not only that, many speculate for a further price drop.

BSV’s Top Performance in the Past 7 Days

On January 15, Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) has seen with incredible growth based on the hourly chart. Not only that, but the crypto asset also reached a new lifetime high. That said, the surge was due to the ongoing court case between Craig Wright and Dave Kleiman.

On the other hand, due to the confirmation that Wright fails to submit the information that he’s holding the private keys, the price of BSV crashed. In the case that BSV continues to maintain a $255.62 region, it could drop to as low as $222.95.

BCH’s 23% Rally

This week, Bitcoin Cash (BCH)overcome the $305 goals and the price reached the $350 value in a matter of minutes. In fact, the crypto rallied 23%, making everyone except for the further surge.

Despite the dipping back of price under $360 region, the bulls continue to keep the price above the $306.78 level. However, in the case that bears could successfully sink the price below $306.78, then it will result to a decline of $270.15.

DASH’s Over 200% Gain

If you’ll remember, on January 15, DASH topped at $144.75 and then retreated to $124.00 on January 17. now, it is considered among the best performing altcoins, especially after gaining over 200%.

Moreover, it rallied 50% in the past seven days. If it could break above the $142.341, then a $180 gain is quite possible.

ETC’s Remarkable 45% Rally

In the past seven days, Ethereum Classic (ETC) has seen with 45% rally. As it reached the $10 overhead resistance, it could result to higher levels of profit booking.

Now, the price of ETC dipped back between $3.40 and $10 levels once again. So, many crypto analysts are looking forward that ETC against US dollars could consolidate in the next few weeks. In the case that bulls could maintain the price above the $10 region, then it will result to a fresh uptrend of $16.60.

With this week’s cryptos performance, folks in the crypto space anticipate positive changes.