WAX Cryptocurrency the Future of Digital Goods and Trading

By Steven Anderson January 20, 2020 Off
Wax Cryptocurrency

Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX), the multichain framework made use of by Immortal Games is an ERC-20 token closely associated with the EOS blockchain. The token is particularly useful for new users interested in the media entertainment products facilitating blockchain-based gaming.

William Quigley, CEO of WAX opines that “WAX is the onramp for mass market cryptocurrency adoption.”

WAX is gaining traction with the full suite of tools facilitating creation, selling, buying and trading of tokenized virtual items in a cost-effective and convenient manner. Several hundreds of people from across the world are trading digital and physical assets by making use of the suite of tools provided by blockchain.

Gabriel Campos, Developer at Wax stated, “Being a developer at WAX is truly a dream job for me. I’m always learning something new, and working on exciting projects.”

Wax Testnet

The WAX Testnet will be available in a few days facilitating free testing environment, migration and experimentation with Wax services. The developer resources are available with the WAX Developer Hive.

Wax twitter provides instant updates about what is happening in the community.

When talking about the powerful use cases for blockchain the founder stated:  “People spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars to collect their favorite virtual items, yet they never own them.”

The founder of Wax believes that Blockchain shines in 5 areas and states that these are the powerful use cases. He further states that these use cases are unique and the benefits outweigh the draw backs.

  1. Non-Fiat coins – Store of Value, which are money issued by people or groups and not a country making counterfeiting impossible.
  2. Storage place for personal identity information like password, driver’s license and all personal contact information. 
  3. Supply Chain Use cases – unbreakable and easily accessible record of every event in the global supply chain – commercial application of blockchain technology.
  4. Tokenization of real world assets – Creating the Digital Twin of any real world item with authentic digital certificates.
  5. Consumer entertainment – Video game industry selling virtual items. Improve willingness of players to buy more of virtual games.

Sydney Ifergan, Crypto Expert tweeted:  “Being a gaming enthusiast myself, I approve of the consumer entertainment use case of Blockchain facilitated by WAX.  I would like to tweak what William Quigley states to be mass adoption of virtual games. A world of fund and entertainment.”

Wax facilitates the best toolsets and products for their developers who are willing to build on Wax.  The environment is easier and cost-effective.  The promotions and partnerships are worth nothing to get an idea of where Wax is heading to.