Ripple XRP Planning Additional Corridors across APAC, EMEA and LATAM

By Maheen Hernandez January 24, 2020 Off
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Ripple Tweeted:  “We’re also excited about the continued growth and the potential of #ODL across our global customer base. As we mentioned in the latest #XRP Markets Report, plans for additional corridors across APAC, EMEA, and LATAM are in progress for 2020—stay tuned!”

Sydney Ifergan, the Crypto Expert, tweeted:  “The Ripple XRP team are all set to rebuild the global payments infrastructure.  XRP is becoming a great option for payments day by day. Very soon, those who have the least might not have to pay the most.”

Ripple XRP BitPay Customers

Ripple acknowledges that SMEs are underserved in traditional financial systems. Several developers are facilitating up-leveled payment solutions using digital assets and blockchain technology. Blockchain, along with cryptocurrency, is working to meet the growing demands of the SME.

“Tracking payments, unpredictable total costs, inconsistent process and regulations, inconsistency in the amount sent and the amount received, knowing when the payments will be credited, and a widespread lack of information about the payments sent and received” are the major problems faced by the respondents.  There are vast numbers of parties when a payment should be sent from party A to party B. These intermediaries create problems, and these cost companies money.

While Fintech is better, blockchain network-based payment solutions are better.  According to Brad Garlinghouse, there are a lot of benefits to cross-border payments when it comes to lowering costs for businesses and consumers.

Bit pay recently announced that XRP is live on its platform. Therefore, cryptocurrency clients will now be able to spend XRP using BitPay Merchants. Clients will also be able to pay BitPay Invoices using XRP.  The XRP community and the BitPay customers are already excited about this option.


Ripple XRP considers the Asia Pacific market to be fit to improve on the process of sending the global payments dramatically.  The remittance market is growing in Asia.

About three weeks ago, Ripple advertised for a dynamic leader who will spearhead the growth of EMEA with partnering relationships.

With LATAM, the payment services are set to improve remittances in Latin American.

Ripple is leveraging technology to improve on the competitive advantage it can bag in the cross-border payments industry.  The current technology will facilitate SMEs to be able to receive small payments through international invoices, with certainty and far quicker than ever before.

The Ripple technology, along with their partnerships, is already a game-changer.  Efficient micro-transactions are on the dice.