Stellar Lumens XLM 2020 to Focus on Three Areas per Denelle Dixon

By Maheen Hernandez January 30, 2020 Off
Stellar Lumens XLM

Stellar Tweeted:  “Demand for #blockchain solutions is growing… @DenelleDixon shares the growth strategy for the #Stellar network in 2020.”

Sydney Ifergan, the Crypto Expert, stated, “Stellar Lumens XLM is very clear about their objectives and the area in which they are set to focus per DenelleDixon on YouTube. We wait to see how it unfolds.”

With almost a month into 2020, Denelle Dixon, CEO and Executive Director of Stellar Development Foundation, from San Francisco, on YouTube, stated that they are going to try from time to time to provide some updates so that the community can know a little bit more about what they are doing at the Stellar Development Foundation and with Stellar.

First of all, Denelle stated that it was almost a month in 2020 and that they are looking forward to what 2020 can offer. Further noted that there was so much growth in 2019 at the Stellar Development Foundation and as well some growth in the investment in blockchain.  Stated it was a 90% growth. Dixon opined that they are going to see more of that growth in 2020.

The CEO stated that to be able to achieve growth, they had to evaluate and focus. She said that they did their objectives and key results for 2020 to have the plans all set up throughout the organization to make some good stuff happen.

Stellar Development Foundation Is Set To Focuses on Growth in 3 Areas

Stellar Lumens First Area

In the first area, they are set to focus on the robustness and usability of Stellar. What does that mean? It means they are to focus on tools that developers and others out there need – to bring in more anchors to the ecosystem, which is going to help everybody concerning use cases.

Further, the CEO stated that they would focus on increasing the Stellar Stakeholders. She said that they wanted to see more validators and to see more folks engage in Stellar and what Stellar has to offer.

Further added, “Also, we need to ensure that Stellar can handle all the growth that these use cases have to offer. So we have focused on scalability. We think it can, but we want to make sure and test all these different use cases out there.”

Stellar Lumens Second Area

In the second area, the CEO stated, “We want to tell our story, we want to get out there more. We want to talk to regulators, and we want to talk to all of you.  We want to be able to demonstrate that we are the blockchain that people know and can trust and you are going to see a lot more of us this year, and we are also going to spend a lot more time talking to those folks all around the world, who care about blockchain. To those regulators in specific who may have concerns or who may have some hope of what blockchain can offer.

Stellar Lumens Third Area

The third area is to ensure that we can focus on the sustainable use cases on stellar. And, we are building our wallet, and we have talked about this for Latin America, it is going to launch sometime in the spring. And we are also focused on all of you out there in the ecosystem that is building cool use cases we can help to foster and grow. And, those are the three areas that we are focused on stay tuned, follow us on social and pay attention to our website.”

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