Cortex CTXC Improves the Intelligence Level of Blockchain Network

By Steven Anderson February 2, 2020 Off
cortex ctxc

Cortex CTXC Price has been trending at $0.089174. Cortex is the decentralized AI autonomous system with AI on the blockchain. Cortex CTXC is striving to serve as the best model to improve on the intelligence level of the blockchain network.

The Cortex inference consensus criteria to ensure intelligence comes in to play when a user starts a smart contract with a code.  Cortex smart contracts are special when compared to several other networks because it involves many inference situations, and the nodes should agree to the results of the inferred result.

The off-chain interface facilitates the bridge between computing power providers and algorithm providers. A submission interface is included with instruction-interpreting virtual machine models for the submissions made. A submission interface for training off-chain is also provided.

The Cortex Machine learning researchers from across the globe will upload well-trained data models on to the storage layer. The other users who require this AI model will be able to make inferences by using these models, and they can eventually pay to the providers of the model.  

Cortex CTXC Investors

Cortex CTXC has major investors like Bitmain, FIBIG Capital, Nirvana Capital, DHVC, ZhenFund, DeKrypt Capital, DFund, Linkvc, Node Capital, Ce Yuan ventures, BA Capital, and more.

Ziqi Chen, founder recently tweeted:  “And without human intermediaries overseeing transaction settlement, users must fully trust the software, meaning any glitches could fully upend the system.” — Another reason any AI underpinning #DeFi applications must be on-chain and transparent. @CTXCBlockchain.”

Sydney Ifergan, the Crypto Expert, tweeted: “Intelligence is the major contributor to discrimination.  Cortex (CTXC), like the brain cortex in the biological brain, provides for improving the intelligence network of the blockchain network contributing to good decision making.”

Chen opined that the most appealing thing about DeFi is the transparency and that the off-chain AI would defeat the purpose.  However, he stated that, unfortunately, most had not realized it. Chen also states that DeFi is not using as much of AI and that people are not aware that on-chain is possible as it does not need it.  He, however, added that AI would continue to be an integral part of DeFi just as it is important for the traditional finance system.

Cortex CTXC – Progress and Development

Cortex team previously spoke about how in the future, they would expect to see stable coins that are based on machine learning, thereby providing for malicious behavior detection, resource allocation in a smart way, and a lot more.

They are focusing on generating credit reports for the decentralized finance industry and facilitating anti-fraud reporting for the exchanges.  The gaming and e-sports sector, according to them, will also be able to gain advantage from the diverse ranges of use cases.

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