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ZEC, MIOTA, ADA, LTC, And ETC Are This Week’s Top Cryptos, Do They Deserve More Attention in 2020?

February 3, 2020 Off By TCA PR

While major cryptocurrencies continue to grow over a couple of weeks, other crypto assets are set to acquire more attention in 2020 as they also perform well in the market.

At the start of 2020, Bitcoin (BTC) displayed a moderate string as it climbed constantly. It is considered by many as one of the cryptos that deserve the attention of crypto enthusiasts’ attention in 2020.

Meanwhile, some major altcoins surprisingly outperformed BTC since January 2020. But it is expected to catch up as the halving season is just a few months away.

As you probably remember, the past two halvings pushed BTC to rally before and after the event. Some crypto analysts expect that history will surely repeat itself and figure out how high does the crypto could further rally.

So far, this week’s top crypto performers gained more than 25%. This translates that they deserve attention in the crypto space.

ZEC’s 26% Rally

As it rallied at 26%, Zcash (ZEC) gained a fifth place. Over the past four weeks, the ZEC/USD pair has seen with interesting growth. Despite the bear’s attempt to stalling the 50-day SMA rally, this week’s momentum pushed its price above it. In the case that bulls can sustain above the resistance level of $66.1326, then ZEC will hit the resistance zone of $125.3636 to $139.66. If not, it will end up collapsing at $45.67.

MIOTA’s 29% Rally

The 29% rally in the past seven days made IOTA (MIOTA) reached the fourth spot. This week’s rally made the IOTA/USD pair hit above $0.288 50-week SMA. It comes with a $0.334574 minor resistance. Above that level, the crypto asset could further rally towards $0.385033 level. If the bulls fail to defend that $0.385033 zone, then the price of MIOTA will decline below $0.244553.

ADA’s 31% Rally

Following the Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson, the price of ADA dramatically surged and rallied 31%. This week’s move pushed the ADA/USD pair above the $0.0461161 and $0.0560221 overhead resistance levels. Above the minor resistance level at $0.065229, ADA will rally towards the $0.10 to $0.10652 medium-term target zone.

LTC’s 31% Rally

The same way with ADA, Litecoin (LTC) rallied by 31%. This rally appeared to be rather interesting among traders. Once the LTC/USD pair completely closed the weekly candlestick of $66.1486, the target objective will be $96.439. However, if the bears successfully sink the price below the $66.2486 level, then the current breakout tends to be just a bull trap.

ETC’s 32% Rally

Over the seven days, Ethereum Classic (ETC) rallied by 32%, making it this week’s top performer. Although the ETC bulls struggled in breaking the above $10 overhead resistance for the previous two weeks, they successfully resumed and broke the $10 level. Above that level, the crypto’s next target will be $16.60. In the case of strong momentum, it can further rally towards $19 level.