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TRON TRX Gets Great At News Making With Every Little Thing They Do

February 3, 2020 Off By Steven Anderson

Justin Sun tweeted:  “#TRON is an ambitious project dedicated to building a truly decentralized Internet. #TRON protocol, one of the largest #blockchain based operating systems, offers support of high throughput, high scalability & high availability for all #Dapps in TRON ECO.” Further tweeted:  “My Chinese twitter handle @sunyuchentron is live now! Please retweet and follow!”

On February 01, 2020, TRON Foundation tweeted that the numbers of Dapps have crossed 688 and stated that it was more than #EOS, thus claiming the second place next to ETH.  According to this growth, it is expected that more developers will be attracted to join the system.

The weekly TRON recap talks about:  “1. Cross-chain coding, cross-chain block synchronization. 2.  TRON global community, together with its ecosystem partners, has officially launched the charity initiative to fight the Coronavirus. 3. TRON has surpassed #EOS on active users.”

Sydney Ifergan, the Crypto Expert, tweeted: “TRON is about the news making about every little thing they do.  Whether it is about Justin Sun exceeding 50K or talking about anything, they know it is all about how to increase the numbers of TRONICS.”

Just as always, TRON continues to be peculiar in the way they deal with the market trends.


TRON Foundation reinstated that “#TRX is now available on @CoinFieldEX. Supported Fiat #USD, #EUR, #GBP, #CAD, #JPY & #AED. Happy trading. #TRON $TRX.”

TRON is sustaining its bullish trend intact. The future for TRON is bright. The price of TRON has been trending at 0.0196 at the time of reporting. It looks like the token is trending towards the current resistance level at $0.0197, it is expected the price would touch $0.0204 very soon.

The resistance level is seen at $0.01979, $0.02044, and $0.02105, respectively.  The Support level is seen at $0.01853, $0.017926, and $0.01727

MPC Torch Project from TRON

And, Justin Sun has been doing this marketing puzzle thing with the cryptocurrency ecosystem. He has been talking about a mysterious project, and things are becoming more evident. He has been speaking about a project he claimed would re-shape the internet.

MPC torch is the new privacy protocol of TRON, and Sun has invited everyone from the cryptocurrency space to participate in the operations of this privacy protocol. He further added that to become a contributor, one should operate a server and should subscribe via email. This technology will use “Zero-Knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge” or ZK-SNARKs.

Justin Sun recently helped fighting Coronavirus by donating face masks in the city.