IOTA Trending Letter to the IOTA community by David Sønstebø and about Parting Ways

By Steven Anderson February 4, 2020 Off
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IOTA tweeted:  “The objective of the IOTA Foundation is to optimize the #IOTA mainnet and make it enterprise-ready fully. Read about the exciting features that will be introduced through #Chrysalis, our intermediate mainnet upgrade, over the coming months!” Further, “We’re excited to release the #Coordicide Alphanet 0.1.0! An important step towards reaching a coordinator-free #IOTA mainnet.”

Sydney Ifergan, the Crypto Expert Tweeted:  “IOTA is getting Interesting.  They state that complete optimization of the IOTA mainnet will make it enterprise-ready.  David Sønstebø expresses his excitement about the exciting details of Chrysalis.”

David Sønstebø, Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors & Founder, published a Letter to the IOTA community.  The tagline read:  “To Whom It May Concern, don’t be concerned.”

CFB liquidated his IOTA

The Letter focuses on why CFB suddenly chose to go against the direction of the IOTA Foundation. Sønstebø is concerned that no one should be abandoning the real vision.  He reinstated this by stating, “Hell, it’s our collective vision.”

With the Coordicide happening now, something noteworthy in the Letter is, “He still hasn’t read the Coordicide solution we laid out ten months ago. He rejects it because it’s not his solution.”

In summary, Sønstebø opines that CFB, who has liquidated his iotas, is not magically entitled to decide over a project which he quit and does not any longer contribute to.  Finally, he concludes wishing good luck to CFB with Paracosm and Jinn. He states he is not any longer interested in engaging in “ad hominem attacks” nor expressing sentiments about him.

Sønstebø hopes that with Chrysalis, IOTA will be able to achieve significant improvements to the performance and usability of the network, permitting users to deploy solutions on the network at an exponential rate.

IOTA Growth to Accelerate Exponentially

So, we now know that a lot has been happening between the major leads of the IOTA vision.  However, we now know that they are sticking on to their collective vision, and they are not giving up on it. They continue to be proud of being just next to Bitcoin in not having a pre-mine.

Being located in Germany, the most Orthodox and regulated country in the world, they are surely aware of the importance of incorporating elements that are not unlawful.  They know that they do not want to become an eyesore in the eyes of the regulators.

A lot of technological advancements happening at IOTA.  We now know from the Letter that they are sticking to the collective vision.  Hope to see a lot happening for the use of the decentralized ecosystem.