Dash is often compared to Bitcoin, but Dash Believes they are better than Bitcoin

February 4, 2020 Off By Steven Anderson

Recently Dash added more than 11,000 ATMs across Mexico. This is likely to improve crypto adoption to record levels.  Dash focuses on being Digital Cash.  The transaction fees are low.  Considering the transaction speed and security, this token is deemed to be fit for merchants. The adoption rate is increasing for Dash.

Venezuela has the highest BTC trade volume, and there has been tremendous progress in the adoption of cryptocurrencies in Venezuela.  The primary reason being the installation of ATMs and the increasing numbers of shops accepting cryptocurrencies.

Dash has gained strong ground in Venezuela.  Several businesses started using Dash before they used any other kind of cryptocurrency. Several analysts state this is happening because the citizens of Venezuela are trying to protect the economy of their country by adopting cryptocurrency. A large influx of users is expected over the forthcoming years. At the time of writing, Dash has been trending at $116.13.  The price of Dash is up by 0.1% in the past 24 hours.

Sydney Ifergan, the Crypto Expert, tweeted: “Dash cryptocurrency continues to be dashing.  We are waiting for the major rollouts to happen from Dash for the year 2020.”

The Dash Platform Roll out like the credit system, light client, proof of service, improved identity and data contracts, protocol, and main optimizations as named in their roadmap for the year is much awaited.

Dash Pay has stated that they will create facilities like registering username on the blockchain, creating a list of contacts, and to pay and get paid by usernames.

Binance Facilitates $DASH/USDT Perpetual Contract

Binance tweeted:  “#Binance Futures Will Launch @Dashpay $DASH/USDT Perpetual Contract with Up to 50x Leverage.”

To avoid price manipulation, Binance stated that they are implementing a price limit at ±1% on the marked price for the first 30 minutes from the start of trading.

The specifications for the contract are: “Base Asset: DASH; Quote Asset: USDT; Settlement Asset: USDT; Contract Unit: 1 DASH; Tick Size: 0.01 USDT; Minimum Contract Quantity: 0.001; Maximum Contract Quantity: 10,000; Base Initial Margin Rate: 2.00%; Base Maintenance Margin Rate: 1.00%; Liquidation Fee: 0.5%”

Apart from DASH, Binance is providing eleven other perpetual contracts.

Dash believes they are better than Bitcoin

Dash claims that they are better than Bitcoin.  The upgraded protocol facilitates DASH with significant advantages in terms of use cases and user experience. Dash provides the ability to instantly re-spend the funds received. Remittances within seconds are not thinkable in other methods of remittance. What Dash has done to struggling economies like Venezuela is proof enough?