Exodus Wallet Blog Predicts 1 Bitcoin will Surpass $100,000 by Paradigm Shift

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We published the below content today. However, we got a warning stating, “Hi Sydney, no that is not an official channel of ours. Unfortunately, hackers are hijacking other channels and impersonating us to scam our users. We are working hard to take them down. Please never share your seed phrase with anyone, even if they claim to be from Exodus. -UO”

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Exodus Wallet has launched a new crypto Wallet with bonuses of up to 2000 BTC.  Those who are users of Blockchain, Electrum, Ledger, Atomic wallet, MEW, or other wallets will be able to activate their wallets on Exodus WEB now to get bonuses as high as 2000 BTC.

Bonuses are given to those who have at least 500$ or more cryptocurrency in balance (BTC, ETH, XRP, ZCASH, BSV, and other).

Every 500 on balance will earn 0.02 BTC to the cryptocurrency wallet.  The larger the balance, the more bonus the user will be able to get.

JP Richardson and Daniel Castagnoli are the founders of Exodus. At Exodus, they believe that crypto is the future.

Exodus Wallet Blog about Paradigm Shift

At the Exodus blog, they have expressed that Bitcoin is the best investment of the past decade. This is despite knowing that the price of the Bitcoin is highly volatile. Sometimes it drops drastically down.  Over the past years, the Bitcoin has outperformed many other asset classes, and many of them are not even close. Bitcoin is also finding increasing adoption among the merchant circles. Several investment firms have launched crypto-related financial products like the futures and the options. Several governments and large companies have dedicated teams that research the potential of cryptocurrency and the underlying blockchain technology.

The blog further expresses that “The Price of 1 Bitcoin will Surpass $100,000.”

Sydney Ifergan, the Crypto Expert tweeted: “If the price of Bitcoin will surpass $100,000 by Paradigm shift I will truly be glad and several other HODLers indeed.”

This prediction is based on the Paradigm Shifts in the financial markets. There will be a fundamental shift in the way people look at things in the financial markets. There are unwritten rules directing market sentiments which direct action.

Exodus Wallet for more than 100+ Cryptocurrency Assets

Using Exodus Wallet, investors will be able to easily manage their crypto assets on Chrome, Opera, and Safari. The wallet

Exodus is hailed one of the best cryptocurrency wallets because it provides desktop mobile and hardware wallets. It is also considered to be the most reliable and secure. The user interface is amicable, and anyone can complete a transaction instantaneously without knowing too much about it.

Exodus does not associate the user information in any cryptocurrency exchange. Users will be able to buy Bitcoin and Ether using fiat deposits. Those who are using Desktop Wallet ios will be able to use Wallets on the mobile. Windows, Mac, and Linux are all supported when using the Desktop Wallet. Multi-signatures and two-factor authentication are not supported in this wallet.

The deposits and withdrawals in the Exodus Wallet can be easily audited using the option which facilitates exporting the wallet transaction history. Exodus is also supporting the BSV Genesis Upgrade.