Qubitica QBIT on FinTech, DLT, AI, IoT, Capital Funding, Media, Marketing, Legal Information, and Local Market Access

By Steven Anderson February 8, 2020 Off
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The price of Qubitica has been trending at $38.45 at the time of writing. Qubitica is the decentralized IT community, built by independent developers, organizations, and companies. Qubitica focuses on“capital funding, media, marketing, legal information, and local market access.”

To become a member in Qubitica, the user should buy at least one QBIT token on the QBIT exchange.  Membership fees should be paid.  The user should cooperate and put in their expertise. They offer a lot of free benefits and resources which can be used to grow the business.

QBIT is the ERC-20 token, which is a currency and a membership token. Developers get QBIT for implementing general profits. 

Sydney Ifergan, the Crypto Expert, tweeted:  “The good thing about QUBIT is that QUBITICA will not sell QBIT to gain capital.”

QBIT is valuable because there are no hidden ICO, and the trade originates from the free floats from members, investors, or traders. When an opportunity rises, QBIT will buy back QBITICA. The overall market conditions and the funds available are the major decisive factors.

There are several projects and teams, and it is possible to join dozens of teams ranging from 2 to 50 people. The community members get invited to projects relating to FinTech, DLT, AI, News, and Marketing. Anyone joining will be able to start their project by making use of the help of others. The network encourages teaching and requires that the users learn from the best. As a community, the users will be able to communicate and enjoy their work with friends.

Qubitica QBIT Developing and Sharing innovations in DAOs – Decentralized Autonomous Organizations

The members at Qubitica work in independent teams and projects to build commercial solutions for the benefit of the community. The community provides help in both commercial and non-commercial aspects of the business.

The primary key to being a part of Qubitica is tobe cooperative. The members are not obliged to pay for any general help they get. However, the community expects that the receiver will provide expertise if possible. QBIT provides the compensation if the project owner requires they can the project shares can be negotiated in other currencies.

There are several projects which are already in existence funded by the Qubitica or members itself. The members get access to several software and hardware tools, which the community actively uses, and the community is very cooperative. It feels smooth like one is working with friends.

The main focus of Qubitica is to establish a democratic and distributed enterprise with goals based on DAO, which are legal in profits. Perfection is a long-term goal, and the progression is happening in steps.

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