Cardano ADA is going to rule the decade per Charles Hoskinson

By Maheen Hernandez February 8, 2020 Off
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Charles Hoskinson previously stated, “We are building Cardano for a reason.  This is an academic project. It is a commercial project. We want to see it grow.” However, he recollected that they remember where they came from, which is Bitcoin. He clarified on how Bitcoin will always be a valuable project with a soft spot in his heart.

Cardano ADA Charles Hoskinson on Sustainability as a Big Topic Area

When talking to Ivan, Charles Hoskinson has been recollecting about the point of WEF and the surrounding events of WEF.  He stated that it gave a good sense of what are all the funding in national priorities for the coming year in different topic areas. In this particular case, Charles stated that sustainability was a big topic area.

Hoskinson further stated, there was a lot of discussion about how emerging technologies change global economy. So, how do AI change the global economy, how the IoT changes the global economy, how the Nano technology changes global economy, or how a blockchain changes the global economy. So it is a really good opportunity to take a step back and basically have a first principle-based conversation about what are the things the industry does and how it impacts the nation’s stake.

Everything from their voting system to how they authenticate things, how they do their data policy, privacy, criminal justice reform. It is really fun because you can’t play a constitutional author and have a great discussion about how things are going to change in the next 10 years or 20 years. The things we need to do to bring the technology to the world is huge.

Cardano ADA in the Forefront of Blockchain Technology

Ivan stated, I think one of the most advanced countries right now is Estonia because you can get e-residency online, you can get all kinds of business done online, and they are not necessarily using blockchain, but I am curious about what you think about the different countries that are at the forefront of blockchain adoption within their government infrastructure.

Well I mean Estonia was blockchaining stuff before blockchain existed.  I mean they have a very similar technology to what you would see from IBM fabric or any of these commissioned ledger systems. So definitely there was enormous amounts of questions with Estonia and how they handled e-residency and how they are doing voting, and how they are conducting their affairs, but Georgia is likely far behind.  They have digitized most of their government. They actually are in Georgia using blockchain.  In fact some of our technology is growing there.

So, it is definitely a good conversation, you know but if it is never going to go beyond the fun thing then you have to connect it to commerce and you have to do enforcement of it in global trade agreements.

If you can do these things then I think you get mass adoption, because corporations will have to then plugin to those standards.  So, the most significant conversation right now is the supply chain management.

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