Ethereum Classic (ETC) Bob Summerwill about a Message Important than Ever

By Maheen Hernandez February 10, 2020 Off
Ethereum Classic ETC bob Summerwill

Bob Summerwill, of Ethereum Classic (ETC) tweeted, “Two years ago I opened @EthCC with “A call for an end to tribalism in Ethereum.” I will be back for a “two years later” follow-up this March in Paris. The message is more important than ever. Ethereum Maximalism is so unhelpful.”

Summerwill cited the “Bob Summer Philosophy” using the words of his good friend, @iamtexture, which on Twitter read: “He’s not shilling Cardano. He is shilling the belief that despite the fact that some of us think Charles is a sociopath, that the best way to guarantee blockchain changes the world is to see it from a higher moral plane. He is shilling love and compassion and humility.”

When talking about the rise of “Ethereum Maximalism,” Summerwill opines that nobody has all the answers. He stated that we are all learning together and that we need to do the best we can.  He also expressed sometimes we are right, and sometimes we are wrong.”  Bob Summerwill recollected these statements he made how two years ago in his twitter.

Overall, Bob opined then that it is harder to make improvements on a live platform than to build something from scratch.  However, he clarified that it is not hard.  Also, he then stated, “Anybody who thinks that Ethereum CANNOT be upgraded hasn’t been watching very closely.”

Ethereum Classic (ETC) Bob Summerwill – How Software Works

Bob had clarified in the past that a hard fork is not a bad work and that it is a protocol upgrade, which makes the platform more capable. He further stated that all the software gets upgraded, and that is how the software works.  He led people to think of hard forks as a major version update. He also acknowledged that not everyone likes hard forks, but reinforced that you won’t stop moving.

He, in the past, also spoke about the maintenance costs meant to keep the most similar platforms up and running.  Summer Hill stated, we do not want to demonize anyone, but said how important it was to work together.

Sydney Ifergan, the Crypto Expert, tweeted:  “I just had the opportunity of looking back to a past tweet from Bob Summerwill that read – we do not need to demonize each other. What we need to do instead is to work together. I agree with that.”

Summerwill, in the past, stated, it is essential to keep working on the thing that we created if it has something of value to further upstream it to benefit all in the platform.

He reinstated about how Hard Forks are okay and, more importantly, about how important it is to continue working with them.

Bob Summerwill tweets read thus: “Want to do something slightly different? Great! Fork an existing platform but then WORK WITH THEM. If you have made something of value, then we should all be working to upstream that goodness back into the platform so that we ALL benefit.”

After a strong rally, Ethereum Classic is now correcting its gains.

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