ARK Cryptocurrency Core v2.6 Goes Live Tomorrow

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Ark Cryptocurrency tweeted:  “ARK Core v2.6 goes live tomorrow! This huge #update will also see an ARK #Desktop #Wallet update. In conjunction with @LedgerHQ (massive thank you for a speedy review), we also pushed a new version of #ARK App for all #Ledger hardware wallets, already available in Ledger Live.”

There is a regular ARK cryptocurrency podcast that keeps the community connected to the happenings at the ARK Ecosystem. At the time of writing, the price of ARK has been trending at $0.280565.

The monthly happenings are updated using the ARK Newsletter.  There are an official ARK Discord and community-run Telegram for the ecosystem.

Sydney Ifergan, The Crypto Expert Tweeted, “The ARK team has all the systems in place to keep the cryptocurrency community communicated and connected using podcasts, newsletters, roundtable, and social media accounts.”

ARK Roundtable and the Team

ARK’s latest Developer Roundtable is now available on YouTube. Follow along with the ARK Team, community developers & more as we discuss development around the ARK Ecosystem. This week we discuss Core v2.6, Documentation, SDK’s and the #ARK Boomerang App.

The Roundtables are updated on YouTube as they happen.

The Supervisory board of ARK consists of Mathew Cox, Chairman; Lars Rensing, vice-chairman; and Scott McPherson, Board member.  The executive board comprises of François Thoorens, the president; Rok Černec, vice-president; Kristjan Košič, Chief Technology Officer. They also have an efficient team of senior managers, development team, communications team, and a team for marketing and design. Mike Doty is the technical advisor; William Rice is the Enterprise Strategy Advisor.

On February 03, 2020, Rob Černec from Ark Io stated: With our upcoming workload on Core v3, we are strengthening our Core team with the additional workforce. Our newest addition to the team is Bernie Snell, a back-end developer from the UK.”

Bernie, when talking about blockchain, stated, “I really think that technology isn’t inherently good or bad, it just is what you make it. It’s like blockchain — it can be a really disruptive force for social good, or it can just be co-opted by all the big tech giants, and a lot of its radical potential will never be realized.”

ARK the Point Click Blockchain

ARK facilitates everyone, irrespective of their technical background, to be able to deal with and leverage blockchain technology.

ARK provides the tools and the resources which enable individuals, developers, and startups to apply blockchain technology for their projects, applications, and ideas.  It is about getting involved and getting paid for the rest of them.

The Ark team is consistently striving to sustain the ARK ecosystem. The ARK blockchain technology team is evolving! They provide a wide range of projects for people to involve in. 

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