LTO Network Cryptocurrency

LTO Network Cryptocurrency Facilitating Plug and Play Marketplace

February 11, 2020 Off By Steven Anderson

LTO Network is the new standard for data security and collaboration with hybrid blockchain. The use cases are immense.  The LTO has been trending in the price ranges of $0.075018.

Inspection reports on Blockchain (Capptions); Digital Signatures on Blockchain (SignRequest); Notary procedures on Blockchain (Firm24); Artwork Authenticity on Blockchain (V-ID); Legal Contracts on Blockchain (Quislex); Environment data on Blockchain (IBM); Waste transport on Blockchain (ILT); Lease agreements on Blockchain (M7); Certificates on Blockchain (NEN); and Judicial cases on Blockchain (OM) are just a few to name from the wide ranges of possibilities with the LTO Network hybrid blockchain technology.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert, tweeted:  “LTO Network is Europe’s leading hybrid blockchain platform.  They describe themselves as the new standard for data security and collaboration. It is indeed true, and the wide ranges of use cases are proof enough.”

LTO Network Permissionless Public Chain

Holders of the LTO Network token support and secure the token and get rewarded for it using the leased Proof of Stake algorithm.   Investors will be able to run a node and take the LTO.  However, those who are not tech-savvy will be able to lease it to another node. Leasing is like delegating.

The permissionless public chain part of the architecture is the decentralized settlement layer for the notary type of transactions.  This is precisely where the economic model and the LTO token utility comes in to play. The permissionless public blockchain of LTO Network is very similar to how Ethereum and Blockchain can function; however, instead of Proof of Work, a variant of Proof of Stake Algorithm is used.  This economic model is also non-inflationary.

LTO Network Node Rewards

Node rewards are provided for the staked amount from the transaction fees on the network corresponding with the ratio of the staked amount over the total staked amount.  The official site states, “if you stake 1% of the total network, let’s say you stake 1M LTO out of 100M LTO, then you get 1% of the fees on the blockchain over some time. Pretty simple.”

LTO Network believes that the more teamwork, the better would be client adoption of the network facilitating real value capture for the LTO token.

The LTO Network partners and clients play a significant role in amplifying the growth of the network by connecting their connections. Getting creative with blockchain solutions by bridging technology and customer expectations is one of the significant challenges to be solved when improving the adoption of the technology.  The LTO network team is open to organizations that are looking to benefit from the technology. The development of the ecosystem creates collective value.

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