Tron Justin Sun Roasted by critics

Tron Foundation Unpredictable Justin Sun Gets Roasted by Critics Every Now and Then

February 11, 2020 Off By Steven Anderson

Tron Foundation keeps live in the news for either a company promotional or something noteworthy happening, likely criticism.

Justin Sun announced the latest milestones of Tron. The new data reveals the numbers of accounts on the main net surpassed 4.6 million.  Justin Sun stated that the TRON block height is now at 16,875,778. The amount of Tron nodes have come near 1,000.

The founder keeps himself active.  He recently completed his dinner with Warren Buffet. They gifted him the Bitcoin. Former employees of Justin Sun sued him and the TRON Foundation. The foundation came forward to help the victims of the Corona Virus. They launched the TRX mortgage lending platform.  They keep doing something, or something comes up their way to help them keep the cryptocurrency space engaged with their news.

Justin Sun tweeted: “#TRON social media growth 2018 VS 2019. #TRON social media growth 2018 VS 2019 Twitter Followers @Tronfoundation, increased by over 100k reaching nearly 500k @justinsuntron, increased from 600k to 2M Facebook Followers #TRON, from 300k to 900k Justin Sun, from 2.5M to 6M.”

Sydney Ifergan, the Crypto Expert, tweeted: “TRON TRX founder, simply unpredictable and sometimes too informal. Perhaps, he is too candid.”

TRON (TRX) Marketing

Previously, Justin Sun spoke about, “Staring a secret project for BitTorrent @OfficialDLive. Based on a conservative forecast, this project will create at least multibillion benefits for the $BTT &TRX ecosystem to eventually attract at least 100 million new users.  He stated Details to be released soon! #TRON #BitTorrent.”

Following the announcement, critics were skeptical as they were used to Sun’s ways.

Following the death of Kobe Bryant, Justin Sun decided to dedicate the upcoming niTron Summit to the legendary player, which died in a helicopter crash on Sunday morning along with his 13-year-old daughter.

TRON Foundation tweeted:  “Kobe Bryant, 41, the legendary basketball star who spent 20 years with the L.A. Lakers, passed away today.  Kobe is a member of the TRON Family. As such, we will be dedicating @niTROnSummit’s festivities to his legendary life & legacy.  Please share your favorite Kobe memories here.”

He further expressed, “Kobe, was great to have met you in niTROn 2019. Mtg you was one of my life’s greatest honor & privilege, I’ll forever remember us on stage discussing the future of blockchain. We’ll have a moment of silence in your honor during niTROn 2020. R.I.P.”

However, Sun was criticized for using a tragedy for marketing purposes.

TRON (TRX) – Shit Coins

And, the peak of all was about Justin Sun calling his own Foundation token as the shitcoin. There was a viral video doing the rounds where he called his own coin ShitCoins. Bizzare, Unpredictable Justin Sun.