Dash Trust Protectors Announcement is out for 2020 by Mark Mason

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Mark Mason, The Dash Trust Protector, Co-founder, Director of Media & PR @DashpayNews for Press & Media Enquiries, summarized the Executive Summary thus: “- Dash DAO Irrevocable Trust proposal update – New election around late March/April time – Trust Protector meeting with Dash Core Group on Thursday 20th February.”

Dash Core Group, Inc. (DCG) is one of the many organizations, which work for the Dash Network.  Each month, subject to the approval of the Dash Network, the core group is funded directly by the network funds.  Several other organizations work for the Dash Network.

Dash News is the premier news service covering for Dash. The notable milestones of developers are published in the Dash News section, thus providing developers with the recognition and encouragement on their progress.

Notable progressions in the Dash ecosystem like an increase in the numbers of android devises which make use of Dash Wallets in specific countries are published.

Sydney Ifergan, the Crypto Expert, tweeted: “Mark Mason ensures notable developments in the Dash cryptocurrency ecosystem are updated regularly in the Dash News section, this keeping the community informed and motivated about the developer activities.”

The Dash Trust

The legal structure of Dash is very strong.  Dash claims that they are the only cryptocurrency who can legally own assets in a decentralized way.

The innovative legal structure for the Dash Trust was completed in 2018 by the Dash Core Group. Thus making DCG the first legally entity which is controlled by the network.

The Trust is made up of, the trust protectors and the trustee, the Dash core group board, and the dash Master node Network.

The governance mechanics involves the master nodes that continue to leverage the proposal funding, thus making it the primary mechanism to influence DCG. No action is required for as long as the DCG is performing to the satisfaction of the Masternodes. And, the trust protectors are not compelled to interfere in the regular operation of the DCG. However, with direction from the master nodes, the DCG board can be evaluated and replaced by trust protectors.

DashPay from Dash for Card Payments

DashPay – accept more. They are certified by PASA, VISA, and Mastercard International, and these users are assured that their data is safe. DashPay is PCI DSS 3.2 certified. The Newlandpayment is facilitated via Android, countertop and Wireless, MPOS and miniPOS, Barcode Payment, Cash Register, and PinPaid.  Newlandpayment is currently used actively in South Africa.

DashPay facilitates making payment in just a few seconds using DashMall and Parking, proving real utility and real adoption.

Thus, individual project managers in the community proudly own their project, delivering their best for the progression of the Dash network.

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