Crypto world gets world’s most complete and secured cryptocurrency exchange with Bitmillex

By Sydney Ifergan May 18, 2018 Off

Bitmillex is the most comprehensive and most secured cryptocurrency exchange which assures versatile range of investing & trading options to cater to all kinds of traders & investors.

London, May 19th 2018 : Traders and investors often complaining about lack of trading and investing options in crypto platforms can finally breathe a sigh of relief. A new crypto exchange has recently landed on cryptocurrency world with a revolutionary all-inclusive platform that can successfully cater to the unique demands of every type of trader and investor. Titled as “Bitmillex”, the next-generation portal represents the most COMPLETE and most secured cryptocurrency exchange of the world.

Bitmillex will launch its Pre-ICO on May 16, 2018 with 50% bonus. The BTML token price for the Pre-ICO phase is $0.25.

“Bitmillex is more than a mere exchange. It’s a much awaited solution that the trader and investor communities worldwide have been waiting for years”, stated Malcolm Briton, veteran trader, crypto expert and the co-founder of Bitmillex.

What separates Bitmillex from other crypto exchanges is that the platform was developed out of the long-standing demand of a credible cryptocurrency exchange which will prioritize fund security and also will be able to extend a much wider range of investing and trading options than what is offered by current regular exchanges. Based on state of the art blockchain technology, Bitmillex is a futuristic crypto platform that can create tangible and customized solutions as per the exact demands of the varied categories of traders and investors- and then it aggregates these solutions into an exclusive and extra-ordinary ecosystem.

Speaking further, Mr. Briton highlighted the other state of the art features of Bitmillex which keeps it ahead of other crypto exchanges-

  • Most advanced security and hosting protection through cloud hosted servers that are connected to custom hardware security modules and multiple protective layers to withstand any attack and hack attempts. In addition, 98% of all balances are to be stored in secure offline cold storage.
  • Multiple social trade offerings through Auto-Trade, Peer-to-Peer BTC market and Peer to Peer Lending & Borrowing opportunity. (use the term copy trading)
  • Bitmillex has introduced MTG trading software to ensure a ground-breaking multi-terminal and multi-platform trading experience  (MT4)
  • Traders have the flexibility to hold funds in fiat and trade major forex pairs when the crypto market is bearish
  • Bitmillex is offering its revolutionary Debit Card to users that will be linked to their wallets and will provide them immediate access to their balance at ATMs or POS in fiat currency worldwide

Bitmillex also promises 24/7 multilingual customer care support and FREE trading signals.