Binance Ecosystem Brewing Money for Active Users.

By TCA PR February 13, 2020 Off
Binance Ecosystem

The Binance Cryptocurrency Exchange is the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange, providing for Bitcoin and Altcoins in huge volumes.  BNB is the native cryptocurrency of Binance.  There are several trading pairs facilitated with Binance.  BNB powers the transactions in the Binance Ecosystem.

The BNB coin fuels the transactions on the chain.  It is used for paying the transaction fees on the Binance Exchange, for making in-store payments and more. BNB is purchased from the Exchange, but before that, it is important to get the Binance Wallet.

Changpeng Zhao on CZ Binance recently tweeted:  “#Bitcoin doesn’t exist anywhere, not in your wallet, not in your computer, not in a vault. What exists is just a record of all transactions, from which you can calculate how many BTC you have. Very tricky to explain. And how do you “ban” something that don’t exist?”

Binance Affiliate

Binance Affiliates will be able to earn a 50% commission.  Those who have 5,000+ twitter followers or who have a small crypto community or something similar will be able to sign up as an affiliate and earn a decent commission.

The Binance referral program pays to have friends.  To make use of the opportunity, users should register and generate referral links and QR codes. The next step will be to invite friends who will register through a referral link or QR codes.  The sooner they complete a trade, they get a reward.  Affiliates will be able to get up to 40% commission in real-time.

Sydney Ifergan, the Crypto Expert Tweeted:  “The Binance Affiliate Program has been around for some time, and it is for users to do the needful to get the benefit out of it.”

Binance is widespread in all social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Medium, Discord, ProductHunt, and YouTube.

Binance Futures Listing

A new Binance Coin derivative product is officially introduced.  This listing of the perpetual contract on its crypto derivatives has triggered a spike increasing the demand for BNB, permitting the increase of 10%.

Aaron Gong, the Director of Binance Futures, stated, “We’ve introduced 16 altcoins to our platform as of today and have seen excellent growth in our altcoin trading volume, with some pairs quickly taking the number one spot in the futures market. The BNB contract has been a highly-demanded product and will continue to grow the industry impact of the Binance Futures trading platform.”

Binance acknowledges that there is an increase in institutional participation in the trading process.  Being professional traders, they are looking for methods to make the most efficient trading.