Holochain (HOT) Fast Enough for Operating 5000 Nodes Improved Efficiency

By Steven Anderson February 13, 2020 Off
HoloChain Hot HoloFuel

The price of Holo (HOT) has been trending at $0.000892. HoloChain tweeted about how some of the community members are finding it challenging to explain Holochain to their friends.

HoloChain provides a reference about how to explain the token to their friends.  The content talks about the difference between Holochain and Blockchain. The users in the HoloChain agree to a specific set of rules, and they function without the influence of an outside enforcer.  The community does the job of enforcing the rules. Thus transactions speed up, and there is increased scalability in the network.

Holochain provides an open-source framework, which is used to build decentralized peer-to-peer applications. Holochain helps to get rid of the middleman.  No company or web server comes in the middle — however, the applications which are created on the network run on devices.

When applications are installed using Holochain, the users get a public key and a private key.  The application helps users to send private messages between the parties.  This includes sensitive documents.  Private keys enable the signing of the documents.  The information on the address will be stored in the shared space.

HoloChain Improved Efficiency

On February 07, 2020, the Dev Pulse came along with some great news.  They were thrilled to report on the Holochain and about how the network is now fast enough to operate 5000 nodes, which operate simultaneously in one hApp.

The developers have been doing a great job lately.  The community is preparing for the next round of alpha testing.  The team reported that they are doing a ton of research about the best practices.  The developers are testing the nodes on real-world applications like HoloFuel, while identifying potential areas for improvement.

Sydney Ifergan, the Crypto Expert, tweeted:  “Holochain Network is now super-efficient for 5000 nodes.  They are identifying potential areas for improvement.  This means we are going to get a network that is more efficient in the coming years.”

Holochain Community with Passionate Humans

The Holochain website states that they are a community of passionate humans building a distributed cloud, owned and run by users like you and me.  They welcome more people to join the team.

Exploring the details of the team and the roadmap of Holochain will provide information about the potential of the network.  The use cases are mostly based on earning money by sharing the economy on Holo, secure sharing in medical records management, enabling dignity, facilitating identity for refugees, ensuring a communications ecosystem facilitating incentivized mesh networks.

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