NEM Cryptocurrency to build Bonding between Community with Organic Growth

By Maheen Hernandez February 13, 2020 Off
nem cryptocurrency

NEM Smart Asset System allows users to create their own tokens without any kind of programming.  To create a cryptocurrency, the user should simply open the client, enter the name for the token, the numbers of coins, transferability, levy, divisibility and a token is created in just a few minutes. The transactions are made for the new coin, and the transaction fee is anything set by the user.

NEM tweeted: “@NemVentures, the venture capital and investment arm of the #NEM blockchain ecosystem, has joined the Decentralized AI Alliance (#DAIA) an alliance of more than fifty diverse organizations working together to democratize the use and control of AI.”

The NEM venture is committed to a vision of the AI and Blockchain space as being an open, fair, and decentralized system of technology.  The DAIA is powered by thought leaders from global organizations.  Therefore, NEM is proud of sharing a strategy with DAIA.

Sydney Ifergan, the Crypto Expert, tweeted:  “The partnership of NEM Ventures with DAIA is good because like minds and similar visions are useful in forwarding the vision of NEM, which is to function as an open, fair and decentralized system of technology.”

There is so much happening at NEM.  And, a lot of work is yet to happen to win the community’s loyalty.  Recently, the NEM foundation rebranded Catapult to SYMBOL from NEM.

NEM – Multiple Languages

The relevant materials are made available in 5 different languages considering the company is international and that not all are English speaking.

Alex Tinsman, the enthusiastic President at the foundation, expressed that the foundation is open, and they rely on the “informed democratic on the public blockchain. Further stated, NEM has suffered highly volatile days, and they now have high-security standards providing for advanced, user-friendly multisig features with SYMBOL from NEM.

NEM is now well aware that they need good ideas, good code, and good intentions to build evergreen brands, and they are putting in effort towards achieving it. They are looking to establish organic growth to improve the bonding between the members of the community.

NEM – Distributing Trust

While NEM is working hard on their projects, they are putting equal efforts in distributing trust in their community. They are doing what it takes to be competitive at the same time are being authentic. They are trying to cater to the unique needs of their sub-communities. Anything big or small, they listen to their community.