TRON (TRX) Has No True Room to Put ETH Down

By Steven Anderson February 13, 2020 Off

Irrespective of whether the price of TRON (TRX) is rallying, the founder keeps the blockchain projects active by venturing into the next project each time.  The current update is about the Samsung project.

Justin Sun tweeted:  “The #TRON, #Samsung partnership has brought the #blockchain closer to everyone. You can now access TRON #Dapps on the newest @SamsungMobile devices. #GalaxyS20, #GalaxyZFlip Change the shape of the future. #SamsungEvent #TRON #TRX #SamsungBlockchain.”

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto Expert, tweeted: “The spirit of moving ahead whether right or wrong from one project to next is a must copy trait from TRON (TRX). He keeps drawing the limelight towards TRON by grabbing the attention of the crowd somehow.”

The technical levels are currently positive for TRX. The bulls are eyeing the next break.

TRON (TRX) – No Room for ETH Getting Over

The critical competitor of TRX is ETH, and it seems like TRX is all ready to fight against its competitor TRX.

Roy Liu, head of business and operations at TRON, recently tweeted:  “Maybe people start to realize #TRON provides some much-needed value prop.”

However, when looking from the point of Dapps, both Ethereum and TRON are equally good. Ethereum has some decent growth due to gaming Dapps, and Tron has a lot of daily active users.

A widespread opinion is that TRON should put in a lot of effort to expand beyond the gambling and high-risk Dapps. Ethereum is doing well in terms of DeFi Apps.  The current selling point of Ethereum is DeFi Apps.  If TRX should call ETH over, then they need to come up with competing Defi.

Several enthusiasts have expressed that it has been tough for them to find any DeFi Apps on the TRON network. This gives room for ETH lovers to boldly state that the TRX statements are self-styled opposite Ethereum and that there is no room for ETH getting over.

TRON (TRX) – Extending Support to Andrew Yang

Justin Sun extended his support to the leadership qualities of Andrew Yang by tweeting:  “@AndrewYang, even though your 2020 Presidential race has ended, your vision & movement has not. A leader ahead of his time who sees the positive benefit of #Bitcoin, #Crypto, and #Blockchain. You’ll have my continued support; pls don’t stop fighting! #YangGang.”

This comment seems like keeping in touch with a prospective and to-be influential personality in American Politics in the coming years. Such leaders can facilitate the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.

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