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Stellar Lumens (XLM) from Stellar Development Foundation Wants to be Part of Political Dialogue

February 14, 2020 Off By dan saada

The Stellar Development Foundation has gained a new member of the Blockchain Association.  The SDF is focused on promoting the vision of the Stellar Lumens Ecosystem to the policymakers.  Being a member of the blockchain association, SDF will help the policymakers, and the major influencers understand the potential of blockchain technology.

The SDF opines that though the United States is a leader in unlocking the potential of the blockchain technology, they will be able to do it only using transparent guidance with regulatory clarity for innovative businesses in the space.  The SDF has decided to work with like-minded organizations as a team to advocate for a smart and effective policy that will facilitate blockchain technology to thrive in the United States.

Sydney Ifergan, the Crypto Expert, stated:  “The United States does not seem to be uncomfortable about adopting blockchain technology.  Perhaps they are showing resistance to accepting cryptocurrencies, whether XLM, XRP, or Bitcoin, as they fear it a threat to their survival. “

Stellar Development Foundation XLM – Ensures Blockchain Makes Financial Systems Better

However, the Stellar Development Foundation is focused on ensuring that the United States policymakers are clear about the fact that the current financial system does not meet the requirements of consumers and citizens.  SDF states that blockchain technology can make the financial system better. Eventually, improving on the consumer trust of institutions.  The global economic potential can thus be enhanced.

To ensure transparency and fairness in the cryptocurrency market, the blockchain association has set up a new working group on market integrity.  Being a member of the blockchain association, SDF will have a fair say in the political dialogues about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency adoption.

They are focusing on improving the institutional introduction of cryptocurrencies by removing the concerns of the US supervisory authorities.

Stellar Development Foundation XLM Network is growing

Denelle Dixon, the CEO, already give the growth strategy for the SDF. They are focusing on improving the strength and maturity of the technology.  It has evolved to be strong and decentralized than ever before.  A lot of key validators have been established for the network, thus sustaining the independent functioning of the network.

There is a lot of focus going towards the growth of Stellar based on the three core areas discussed by the founder.  While they are sure they can, they are ensuring that they can handle different use cases possible.  The XLM network is growing.

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