FunFair (FUN) Cryptocurrency Calls Japan New Target Market Hired Japanese Country Executive

By Steven Anderson February 18, 2020 Off
FunFair Japan Fun Token

The FunFair Token is not going to the moon yet. However, those who play games at the Fun Fair platform feel like they are going to the moon all the time.  FUN is the native cryptocurrency for the platform.  The platform makes use of Ethereum blockchain to deliver the smart contracts used to provide casino solutions with the games.

With FunFair, anyone will be able to design and operate the blockchain-based casinos.  The Fun tokens work like the casino chips, which are used for placing bets.

FunFair Technologies tweeted:  “It’s been a busy start to the year, for those that missed it, here’s our Q1 update! From Product, all the way through to marketing – catch up on what we’re up to.”

The key focus areas for Q1 2020, as reported by FunFair Coin, are KYC, Payments, and User Experience in focus areas.

FunFair Technologies Previously tweeted:  “At the beginning of the month, the FunFair team attended and exhibited at #ICE2020 and #iGBaffiliate. Here’s a little recap. Keep your eyes peeled for interviews coming very soon!”

FunFair Japan and Responsible Gaming

Sydney Ifergan, the Crypto Expert, tweeted:  “I agree with the responsible gaming part scheduled as a critical product requirement in the FunFair Technologies (FUN) product release this quarter.“

When talking about their product releases, FunFair called Japan their target market, and they have already hired a Japanese country executive.  They are working on the game localization with the core language localization already complete.  They are currently working on operational and marketing support to manage their multi-language offering effectively.

They are placing a lot of their focus on the ICE and iGB Affiliate London. With these two events, FunFair will likely showcase its white-label opportunities and technology to the broader gaming community.

FunFair Technologies were recently trying to understand if their users have a preference for a particular provider when it comes to exchanging crypto. Probably, they are doing something to keep the odds in favor of their users.

Jez San, is on the You Tube updating their progress in their channel.  Those who are looking for fun, fast and fair casino games that are powered by Ethereum would love the games facilitated by FunFair Technologies. The Isle of Man is the latest buzz with the Funfair Technologies, who project themselves as the future of the Casino.

All things FunFair tells about how Game developers can distribute their games and reach out to a whole new global audience. 

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