EDC Blockchain February 21, 2020 Training Event Improving Faith and Loyalty

By Steven Anderson February 20, 2020 Off
EDC blockchain

Vaz Egiazar, the CEO of EDC Blockchain, places emphasis on Learning with the EDC blockchain, which is established in the past by tweeting:  “If you want to be a great leader, you need to learn to follow and acquire some information! Gain knowledge to increase your leadership with our webinars!”

Vaz Egiazar and EDC Blockchain work on improving faith and loyalty in the system by educating users.

Vaz Egiazar early this year called the year 2020 as the year of duplication and increase.  They are focusing on expanding the user base to a million active users. They are educating users on the ECRO system products. And about the many cool features of the EDC blockchain wallet. He believes in and establishes that the #ECRO never sleeps.

EDC blockchain tweeted:  “Here’s the new EDC Blockchain digest! EDC Blockchain platform offers tools for the tokenization and scaling of small and medium-sized businesses, additional functionality for transactions.”

Ayobami Abiola, Crypto Enthusiast and author at The Currency Analytics, tweeted:  “Vaz Egiazar is true about gaining information to improve knowledge to increase leadership.“

Focused on the vision of expanding EDC beyond boundaries, he previously stated, “EDC has no boundaries!”

When anyone asks Egiazar about the price of the EDC, he reflects on the day when Bitcoin had no value, and he recollects, “The guy who paid 10,000 bitcoins just for pizza? Well, don’t make the same mistake and hold your #EDC.”

EDC Blockchain February 21, 2020 Training Event

EDC Blockchain also tweeted:  “On February 21, 2020, a new training event from the EDC Blockchain and ECRO System team will be held! The event will take place in the Indonesian city of Malang at the Max one Hotel cafe lantai.”

EDC blockchain recently attended the “Hashnet Blockchain Conference,” and they presented both the EDC blockchain and ECRO system projects.

EDC recently started its partnership with Bitribe and 499block Community! They are further working on listing the EDC bonus coin on the Korean Bitribe exchange.

EDC Blockchain Weekly Digest

EDC Weekly digest publishes the technical news from the EDC blockchain team.  The technical specialists continue to upgrade the company products, and they improve on the functionality for the convenience of each user.

And, it is already possible to buy a whole lot of things with EDC coins like real estate, transport, and other goods in several countries.

The EDC blockchain is growing because, they provide ready-made solutions for businesses, through their multifunctional blockchain platform. They offer tools to tokenizing and scaling businesses. Those who lease their coins are eligible for daily bonuses.