Celsius Network (CEL Token) Leverages Blockchain Technology to Create New Financial Services

By Steven Anderson February 22, 2020 Off
celsius network cel token blockchain technology

Alex Mashinsky, CEO of Celsius Network (CEL Token), opines that history does not repeat itself; however, he agrees that history rhymes.

Mashinsky further expressed that at Celsius Network, they work every day to find the rhymes and the trailblaze, facilitating newer #FinTech #DeFi solutions.

Celsius Network is the leading interest-income platform who consistently distribute nearly 80% of its net lending revenues directly to their community of depositors.

Celsius has paid interest using BTC in ETH when compared to several other industrial platforms.

Celsius Network has made $11 million in interest payments, and they currently have 75,000 users worldwide.

Alex Mashinsky, CEO of Celsius Network (CEL Token), stated, “The mission of Celsius is to leverage blockchain technology as a means to create a new kind of financial service that acts in your best interests and brings back the concept of high yield interest income.” He further stated, “We are a member-focused platform that is transparent, honest, and rewarding. That’s why Celsius stands alone among the other crypto players in the space.”

Sydney Ifergan, the Crypto Expert tweeted: “It is interesting to see the Celsius Network concept about the world needing banking and not banks. Celsius talks about unbanking yourself. The weekly compounding interest payment is tempting with Cel Token.”

Celsius Network (CEL Token) Making Waves in the Financial Services Industry

Celsius members enjoy a range of benefits like zero fees, zero penalties, weekly compounding interest payment, no minimum deposit amount, no lockups, and withdrawal of assets anytime.

Celsius are continuing to make waves in the financial services industry improving traction from depositors from across the world.

Corporate entities can make use of the Celsius Corporate Entity Account Application to get started.  The curated financial services facilitated by Celsius Network is something that is not available in traditional financial institutions. 

Clients need not anymore deal with the greedy, unethical, and risky behavior of bankers.  Celsius network focuses on replacing the current financial model which acts in the best interests of the community. The Cel token works as a catalyst contributing to financial disruption at a global scale.

Celsius is continuing to make waves in the financial services industry improving traction from depositors from across the world.

Celsius Network (CEL Token) Simplex Partnership

Simplex recently joined forces with @Celsius Network to make crypto lending opportunities very accessible. By making use of Simplex as the facilitator, the Celsius Platform will provide for Bitcoin purchasing services.

Members of the Celsius network (CEL Token) will now be able to earn, borrow, buy, and save cryptocurrency seamlessly within the Celsius app. They are thus gaining unlimited access to their funds all the time.

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