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Siacoin (SC) Is About Substance over Hype Uploading and Retrieving Data Easily than Ever

February 23, 2020 Off By dan saada

When talking about SiaCoin, one of the fans stated, “While many other Altcoins are trying to be faster and more scalable than Bitcoin or Ethereum, Sia is focusing on a particular use case, which is about the decentralization of the data storage ecosystem. Siacoin has the right focus and right heart, according to the fan.

When Siacoin announced about Skynet, they announced that the internet would be changed forever. Skynet being a decentralized CDN and file sharing platform, is expected to function as to serve as the foundation for a Free Internet.

Users can upload their files, and the files will be dropped in there to pin to Skynet.  When the file is uploaded, the Skynet will generate a 46-byte link known as the Skylink.   This link can be used to retrieve the files by pasting the link in the form providing in the Have a Skylink section. This link can be shared with anyone who will be able to retrieve the file on any Skynet Web portal.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert, tweeted:  “This is a phenomenal thing about the Skylink from Siacoin Skynet.  Uploading and retrieving data has not gotten easier. “

Siacoin SDKs for Skynet

The SDKs for Skynet consists of popular programming languages which integrate seamlessly with already existing apps.  The code snippets for uploading and retrieving data are available for HTML, PDF, Image, Audio, Video, and JSON.

Those who have previous experience with Sia can stay up to date with the Skynet updates. The Skynet web portals facilitate low-cost servers enabling data storage and retrieval without having to use any kind of specialized software.  The original uploader need not stay online when the recipient retrieves the files.  The file will be available even if the original uploader is not online.

Siacoin Integrating Skynet

It is very easy to integrate Skynet into applications.  The applications can be deployed in just a minute, and it is made immediately available globally. The APIs and SDKs integrate seamlessly with the already existing apps.  The speed of Skynet is high, and it surpasses all of the decentralized offerings online.  The storage costs are very low when compared to centralized providers.

Skynet is already making big news in the cryptocurrency space.  This is the net result of 20 years of combined engineering and operational effort. They have finally stepped forward, and the technology is now ready. Skynet will continue to serve as a permanent home for data and applications.

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