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Cardano ADA Sophisticated Cryptographic Structure We Have Been Waiting

February 25, 2020 Off By Maheen Hernandez

We all know that Cardano has been working hard, and we are now not surprised at Charles Hoskinson planning serial innovations. We have been waiting for such breaking news for some time now.

Sydney Ifergan, the Crypto Expert, tweeted:  “We at The Currency Analytics $TCAT have been following Charles Hoskinson and his interviews for some time.  We were amazed by his vision and the reasons for the innovations at Cardano ADA.  Cardano Rocking!”

We at TCAT recollect how Charles Hoskinson expressed his ideas about how privacy was very important, why auditability matters, and why a sophisticated cryptographic structure is required.

Cardano Community tweeted:  “On Monday, February 24th (for some already Tue. the 25th), Charles Hoskinson sat down for another update on the recent progress with #Cardano. There he discussed key upcoming milestones on the road to the launch of #Shelley #mainnet.”

Hoskinson recently stated, “The best part of my day is when I have a chance to chat with my product managers about our progress, new ideas, and what’s coming to market soon. Cardano is like an iceberg. It is so much you don’t see, but will soon have a huge impact. The next two months are going to be wild.”

Cardano ADA Implementing Shelly

A lot is scheduled to happen at Cardano ADA in the process of implementing Shelley. Very recently, Cardano went through a mainnet hard fork, facilitating mainnet release.

Cardano users will not be able to vote for validators or choose them all by themselves; the trend might change when Shelly arrives.  Users will be able to select validators by staking ADA tokens.   To avoid interruptions in the network, Shelly will be launched in two steps.

The coming of Shelly is long overdue because of a lot of setbacks, and the team had to deal with them.  It is expected that the update will happen by the first financial quarter in the current year.

Cardano ADA TCAT Scam Warning

TCAT wishes to give a reminder from the Cardano Community, which reads:  “ICYMI: Here’s a reminder that you do NOT need to do anything for the #Cardano #OBFT hard fork (=software update). Scammers are actively trying to obtain your mnemonic (recovery phrase) words. Please do not give them your private keys/words/details/whatever. Stay safe!”

Before the complete implementation of Shelly, a lot of upgrades might happen, and scammers might want to exploit the opportunity. They are waiting for Cardano ADA to successfully implement Shelly to rock the crypto world in full force triggering beneficial use cases.

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