Orbs blockchain Use Cases are Improving Pilots are Increasing Position Paper Worked the Trick

By Maheen Hernandez February 26, 2020 Off
orbs cryptocurrency

Orbs recently expressed their capability of helping run a blockchain anywhere by tweeting: “Need to run a #blockchain on a deserted island?? All you need is some fellow survivors, this post, a pen, and a few pieces of paper.”

Sydney Ifergan, the Crypto Expert, tweeted:  “Orbs when they started in the crypto industry, sold their tokens to accredited purchasers as opposed to running an ICO. They had calculated budget enough to run the business for 8 years.  Something rare with a start-up.”

Orbs were started to commoditize the blockchain infrastructure, particularly large scale consumer applications.  The Orbs makes blockchain transitions easy for the entire industry.  Distributed networks provide an opportunity to facilitate data exchange.

The information can be aggregated from data silos related to relevant and permissioned stakeholders, which are locked in several business types.

Orbs Use cases are getting increasingly solid.  The technology is scalable.  User Interface is improving.  Corporations are ready to allocate resources to engage with technology seriously. A lot of pilots are happening at orbs.  Several clients from the supply chain are committed to using the technology.

Orbs Have Mass Market Appeal

With increasing numbers of pilot projects seeking orbs, it is just a sign of improvement in client confidence. Orbs have a mass-market appeal due to their functionality in the consumer applications marketplace.  The specific needs of large consumer application developers are taken care of by specialized blockchain applications.

Orbs Published a Position Paper

Yet something interesting about Orbs was that they started without a white paper.  It is normal for projects in the blockchain space to start with a so-called, “technical white paper.”  This is one of the important things to do because the white paper is from where people will choose whether to go with it or not.

Orbs started off differently in this regard. They published a position paper, though. They started off with an argument.

The White paper starts with a solution – It is based on what problem it solves.  The position paper starts with a problem – It facilitates an arguable opinion about how the solution should be approached.

They were flexible, and they evolved well over time.  Orbs also opined that when you commit to a particular plan, it will make adaptation harder, and therefore they undid that White Paper thing because it is about sticking on to one plan; however, with a position paper, they could change their plans and adapt to the changing technology.