Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Is the Newer and Improved Version of Bitcoin (BTC)

By Steven Anderson March 1, 2020 Off
bitcoin cash BCH

Roger Ver, one of the first investors in Bitcoin startups, has dozens of coins and states that he wanted the cryptocurrency to undermine the power of the governments to be able to control peaceful people.

Roger Ver recently tweeted:  “I owned a pile of Bitcoin and BitcoinCom. I had more financial and philosophical motivation to see BTC succeed than just about any other human being on the planet. The censorship and full block policy by Core destroyed BTC’s first-mover advantage.”

Roger Ver spoke about how the governments are beginning to prosecute crypto privacy tools. He recollected how Wei Dai, when talking about it opined that there has never been a government that did not at one point in time or another try to reduce the freedom of the subjects to gain more control over them.

Dai, Further, opined that there would never be such a government.  He further stated that it is important to develop the technology, which will make it impossible for the government to succeed rather than convincing the government.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert, tweeted:  “I agree with Roger Ver about the idea that Peer to peer electronic cash is far more disruptive to the status quo than digital gold. BTC is the original cryptocurrency, and BCH is the newer and improved version of Bitcoin.”

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) No need for Purely Digital Gold

A typical Bitcoin Cash fan is looking to help in the process of building peer-to-peer electronic cash systems to facilitate more economic freedom in the world.  However, Bitcoin maximalists need to see the rest of the shit coins destroyed.

Roger opines that utility is essential and that he wants to be utility maximalist than being a Bitcoin Maximalist. He also felt that when digital cash is provably scarce, there is no need to have something that is “purely digital gold.”

Roger firmly believes that Peer to Peer Electronic Cash enables More Economic Freedom enables More Economic Growth enables a better world for All.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Is Worth Stealing

The very purpose of Bitcoin was to make fiat currencies obsolete. However, those who are holding the Bitcoin are forever worried about how much in terms of fiat currencies is the value of their Bitcoin.  Roger opines that Bitcoin cash supporters are building that network. However, those who are Bitcoin supporters state that Bitcoin supporters are those who are building the network. There seems to be a disagreement. 

Following a hack, Ver Stated, “The fact that hackers are willing to go and steal Bitcoin Cash means that it’s something worth stealing, that it’s something valuable. If it wasn’t valuable, it wasn’t worthwhile; hackers wouldn’t be trying to steal it.”