Next-gen smart contract MOBU ropes in Sydney Ifergan as senior ICO Advisor

Next-gen smart contract MOBU ropes in Sydney Ifergan as senior ICO Advisor

June 24, 2018 Off By dan saada

MOBU is a groundbreaking smart contract platform which is aimed to bridge the gap between securities marketplace and the blockchain by enabling compliant launch of security tokens by real businesses.

Next generation smart contract platform MOBU has recently signed up crypto community expert Sydney Ifergan as its senior ICO advisor. MOBU is a user-friendly smart contract that serves as a revolutionary all-in-1 platform which helps real businesses to launch “compliant” security tokens and build ICOs to raise capital.

Security tokens assure a better solution over conventional shares any day for a number of benefits including- lower fees, faster execution of deals, better exposure to free market, automated service function and larger investor base. Also, with security tokens, manipulation by financial institutions is not as high as one sees with traditional shares. MOBU acts as a catalyst for the launch of multi-trillion dollars worth security token revolution.

Mr. Ifergan looked excited about joining the new smart contract platform. According to the veteran ICO expert, MOBU represents the “next big thing” in the crypto community. In his own words-

“It’s extremely challenging to launch an ICO that extends security token give the complex legal, technical and regulatory requirements & procedures. Such complications bar many real businesses to raise capital through issuing security tokens. And this is where MOBU comes to the rescue. MOBU develops a state of the art abstract smart contract from which all security token ICOs can be extended which will make it easier for real businesses to raise business capital through ICOs. MOBU boasts an organized ICO platform that extends a complete blockchain solution to solve the problems of cryptocurrency developers who are otherwise confused about the different procedures needed while offering security tokens to the crypto community.”

MOBU is an ecosystem that implements an unique MOB20 standard protocol to ensure low cost and better quality vetted ICO providers and a more competitive marketplace. Thanks to the new smart contract platform, various companies like those in mining, retail and property development will now have the opportunity to raise funds legally.

MOBU stands out in the market with a great host of advantages:

  • Bridges gap between securities marketplace and the blockchain
  • Facilitates release of compliant security tokens for businesses which are backed by a real asset and want to raise capital on blockchain
  • Boasts an advanced secured environment where tokens are only restricted to verified users
  • Provides bank support to investors which will ensure all fiat can be converted to crypto
  • Assures a highly regulated environment where transaction costs are managed and set in tune with the market
  • Assures continuous liquidity for investors
  • Allows more scalable and efficient system
  • Introduces new innovative method of escrow services for ICO`s.  Investors will be able to exit ICO after crowdsale on a pro-rata basis if ICO issuers do not adhere to roadmap/goals.  This will ensure overall higher ROI for investors.
  • Builds up a network of confidence and trust which will leverage economic efficiency & improve community growth
  • And more…

MOBU will launch its Pre-ICO in August, 2018. For more information, please visit

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