Digibyte (DGB) With Their the Hive Bee and Honey theory have their Foundation Officially Registered

By dan saada March 3, 2020 Off
Digibyte DGB Hive bee

Digibyte (DGB) profile themselves, stating, “The fastest, longest, most secure & truly decentralized #Blockchain in the world today. Six years old & battle-hardened. v7.17.2.”

Dogecoin, in the past month, tweeted about Digitbyte stating:  “Without you, we might not be here still, thank you for everything over the years.”

Jared Tate, the founder of DigiByte, opines that there is never a better time to go long on Bitcoin, Litecoin, Digibyte, Decred, or all decentralized cryptocurrencies. As he is about to see that printing money seems to be the answer to the global corona outbreak and other kinds of economic issues.

DGB foundation tweeted on February 28, 2020, “Today we made history with the registration of the #DigiByte Foundation: Signed, sealed and delivered!” There seem to be different levels of DigiByte Foundation sponsorships, and all of them are presented clearly on the website.

A call for supporters of Digibyte read like:  “If you like #DigiByte, and want to become a #DigiBee and join our hive, you’re welcome!”

Sydney Ifergan, the Crypto Expert, tweeted: “So, anyone who supports DigiByte will be called DigiBee.  They call DigiByte Foundation the Hive. Funding is honey.  The DigiByte Foundation seems officially registered. We will see what is unfolding from the Hives of the DigiBee.”

There is something called DigiFact from Digibyte, and they keep publishing important milestones and facts in the community.  The most popular Core DigiByte Wallet So far is the 6.14.2 release that has more than 20,000 downloads.

Digibyte (DGB) – Accelerating Adoption

The DigiByte Foundation is getting a boost for their accelerated adoption due to their safe haven partnership.

The DigiByte awareness team reinstates to the DigiBee Community to do their part without worrying about whether it is small or big. They further state, rather than asking what DigiByte can do for you, you need to ask what you can do for the DigiByte! They establish that every single person is essential there.

The Digibyte Foundation sponsorship focuses on engaging in meaningful cooperation and partnerships with different business entities involved in the DigiByte community, their subscribers.  The relationship, according to them, is value-adding.

Together they focus “To protect and promote the true principles of decentralization, and empower DigiByte and its community to establish further and maintain a sustainable decentralized world.”

The sponsorship program establishes an intrinsic connection, and it is focused on generating the funding required for the DigiByte Foundation. It is thereby supporting community programs in alignment with DigiByte Foundation goals and objectives.