IOTA migration tool for the Trinity Desktop Wallet Users and Daniel Thompson

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Iota Migration tool

The IOTA migration tool is out, and there is a lot of buzz about using this tool.  Those who have been using the Trinity Desktop Wallet are to follow the steps provided in the IOTA migration tool guide.

IOTA has released a new version that provides the progress step indicators, which will simplify the process.  Further, there will be minor fixes with adjustments.  Users will now be able to check the full Changelog, and they can download it. Those who have already migrated will not have to download it.

IOTA tweeted:  “Some users are not sure if they successfully migrated, so a new version of the Seed Migration Tool is out (0.2.2). Click “View Migration Status” on the dashboard. If it is empty, download the new version and install it.”

Previously, during the seed migration period, Trinity users were asked to ensure that they are migrating their tokens to a new seed if they were using the Trinity Wallet from December 17, 2019.

Sydney Ifergan, the Crypto Expert, tweeted:  “IOTA is working towards improving the security prospects of the IOTA ecosystem, eventually helping in building the next generation of wallets. Working hard and smart with Daniel Thompson.”

IOTA tweeted that these are the last days to migrate, and the users were advised to use the Seed Migration Tool safely. Elaborate information in this regard is provided in the blog.

IOTA – Daniel Thompson

Daniel Thompson-Yvetot has joined the IOTA foundation. He is hailed as the security Champion by the foundation.  He has excellent experience in planning, auditing, and designing secure systems. All these prove to be invaluable to IOTA. Particularly from the point of threat awareness and threat mitigation.

Daniel has a trans-disciplinary approach and experience in terms of being a library developer.  He thus has an excellent skill level to understand, express, and resolve the complexities in the digital landscape.

Daniel stated that he would not have joined IOTA if it were not an open-source project based on cutting edge technology with a broader scope. He also said that he already knew a few people in the IOTA Foundation from his work in open source.

It was not a nice time for IOTA after the Trinity attack; however, they have taken wise steps to mitigate the risks. They are doing their best to protect the tokens stored in Trinity. It all happened on February 12, 2020. Following which the team has been working hard on the migration plan. They have also facilitated key learnings for IOTA.

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