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Cardano Foundation Warning while Supporting and Growing the Cardano Ecosystem

March 12, 2020 Off By Steven Anderson

Cardano Foundation have recognized the importance of having to deal with Gender Parity.

Cardano Foundation tweeted:  “We were notified about cryptostake org urging to invest for high-yield returns. Please conduct your due diligence as this is highly likely to be a scam. Our recommendation is not to engage in any way. Stay safe and inform us of any suspicious activities. #Cardano #stake.”

The Cardano Foundation recently expressed their support for Each for Equal concerning TamaraHaasen and Cardano Stiftung highlighting the importance of empowerment of IWD2020.  They have further been stating that Blockchain can facilitate Gender Equality if they stay united.  This they expressed on the International Women’s Day.

While scammers are trying to exploit the ecosystem, the IOHK has been recently talking about a major scientific achievement and a significant development in the development related to Cardano.  They were talking about Ouroboros Hydra who have broken a new ground in PoS scalability.  They published the details of the Hydra research paper, which is the fruit of 5 years of inter-disciplinary research.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “There needs to be more spotlight and distribution for the Cardano ADA community projects.  Despite their high potential, it seems like we have having to wait forever for it to strike the markets.”

Cardano Foundation ADA Design Shop in London

Cardano Foundation also recollected about the Design Shop in London and stated that it was a testament identifying their togetherness and strength.  The three entities of the design shop strive for one goal and they stated that each of them are charting a journey towards common success. The team was happen as they were able to meet their colleagues from nearly 20 countries blazing their trial towards a Cardano-enabled future.

Meanwhile, a new version of Daedalus (2.3.0-ITN1) has been released recently.  This update from Input Output introduces newer versions of the Cardano Wallet. This further helps improving the Daedalus connecting the syncing times.

There was an impressive publication in the 17th Journal of the Daedalus (2.3.0-ITN1) corning the success story of Denis & Dmitry, and about why they are involved in the Cardano Community. The Ambassador series would be useful to those who are looking for some purpose and motivation to be a part of the Cardano Community.

Despite the bear market collapse Cardano (ADA) has regained confidence. While it is true that the development roadmap is slow than expected. The ITN Shelley has implemented and the community is pretty pleased with the tADA award.  It is expected that that the Shelly Mainnet launch will be monumental.

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