Apollo Currency (APL) To Be Gold Backed Will it be a Rumor?

By dan saada March 16, 2020 Off
Apollo APL

Apollo Currency (APL)was created in the first place to serve asthe fastest, most advanced and most feature-rich cryptocurrency on Earth.

Apollo Fintech is offering product features which is set to revolutionize the world of finance.  They provide a full range of government, commercial and consumer products.

Apollo Fintech Solutions are working to facilitate state of art technology to put an end to the current financial problems.  The current problem is that it requires using multiple cryptocurrencies to perform a range of tasks on the blockchain with the transactions taking a significant amount of time.

Apollo Fintech Solutions are offering Apollo currency to provide the fastest and most feature rich blockchain in cryptocurrency.

The Apollo University series releases one video a week.  It is worth watching the video to get substantial updates about the 3rd Generation blockchain. It is about sustaining ultimate privacy in a decentralized ecosystem with appropriate financial systems.

Sydney Ifergan, the Crypto Expert tweeted:  “Apollo Currency firmly asserts that the only person who should be in control of your finances should be you. Corona Everywhere and it now seems like the virus is controlling the economy.”

Apollo Currency (APL) Is The Promise True?

The Apollo Currency (APL) broke in to the top 100s in the coin market cap list.  Several analysts opine that the situation is kind of hyped.  There are also concerns on whether the Apollo might be a straight forward scam.

There was not much happening with Apollo Currency recently and it was not much in the news either. The official Apollo Currency website claims that they are working on providing all-in-one blockchain 3.0 solution covering for smart contracts, anonymous transactions, IP masking, Asset systems, currency and token systems, encrypted messaging, file sharing, decentralized market place, multi-signature accounts, voting system, alias system, decentralized data storage, decentralized exchange, coin shuffling and the list keeps extending.

Apollo Currency (APL) Gold Backed Solution

Getting back to the basics, Apollo Currency is a cryptocurrency which is backed by a blockchain which has forked from NXT. The currency is different from the mother chain with a few changes.  The 2 second block time is one of the main change.

Apollo Currency (APL) team previously had some serious charges. In the past there were accusations that they had very poor transparency rates.  Further, there are opinions doing the rounds stating that Apollo’s GitHub does not show promising signs about the activities of the cryptocurrency. 

There were also rumors that the APL will be gold backed.  Expectations and positive news from Apollo suggests that the gold-backed solution for Zimbabwe is to be launched in a month.