Tezos Blockchain Are Asking People to Donate Computing Power, or XTZ Incentive Is Reward Pot

By Maheen Hernandez March 18, 2020 Off
tezos XTZ blockchain

The cryptocurrency market is filled with the idea of a safe haven.  With the regular financial markets, people who had no idea of the cryptocurrency markets are coming up with new questions.  They are looking for explanations for tokenization.  They are getting to know if they can tokenize a banana or a real estate.  They want to know what they should do the sooner they are done with tokenization.

People are looking for more clarifications on whether cryptocurrencies like Tezos were created to prevent manipulations in the market. Prospects are flocking into cryptocurrency tutorials.

Sydney Ifergan, the Crypto Expert, tweeted:  “Tezos Blockchain (XTZ) is asking people to donate computing power to research into protein folding.  Every little bit helps for the combined good of the whole world.”

While everyone is involved in a bigger fight, the Tezos community is working on getting the record straight from Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt.  They are currently pursuing the “[email protected],” project.

Tezos are asking people to donating computing power or XTZ.  The summary of the project reads as follows:  “ [email protected] was created by Pande Lab ( part of Stanford University and Stanford University Medical Center ); Pande Lab has produced more than 200 scientific papers as a result of [email protected]; [email protected] lets you install a program on your computer to help scientific research; That program tries to calculate protein folding, it is like Mining but for something useful; If we understand Protein folding, we can cure a ton of diseases, including covid19″

Tezos (XTZ) community Protein Folding and Immunology

It just looks like the Tezos community is getting people together to work towards the greater good against the pandemic.  Protein folding is related to immunology and obviously related to getting a breakthrough into what contributes to developing resistance against diseases.

The incentive to participate in the program is the Tezos Reward Pot. Bakers have so far donated “Bake’N’Rolls, Bakery-IL, LetsBake!, and Everstake.”

There are a lot of counter criticisms about the home folding project, but since it is a greater cause, it is up to the personal discretion of people to contribute. As always, the rich are buying in the dips. People are in panic for some reason, and those who take advantage of the blood bath are continuing to progress in advantage.

Some investors continue to think positive.  They believe they can get through this, and they are encouraging to buy in the lows as opposed to dumping.