Nano Cryptocurrency Instant No Fees Fully Confirmed in First Layer

By Maheen Hernandez March 22, 2020 Off
nano cryptocurrency instant no fees

Nano has been making money very efficient for the modern world.  They have been making it very simple to pay, integrate, and create comfortable payments open for all.

Colin LeMahieu, Founder of Nano foundation, recognized the statement made by Patrick Luberus, who tweeted:  “#Nano beta V21 DB10 is here! Come join us on the beta-net Discord channel.” By stating always making progress. “

Nano calls themselves to be the money for the modern world.  They state, they are simple to use, easy to integrate, and open to all.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert, tweeted:  “The future is decentralized, and any system like Nano which can provide a payment system transferring full value efficiently will be gaining mass adoption. Nano is indeed futuristic.”

Neil Haran, CTO at Kappture in the past tweeted:  “Impressive focus from the $NANO devs. Each release consolidates the unique fast & free features improving the metrics that matter: finality time & network capacity. “Do not try to do everything. Do one thing well.”

Previously the Digital Line tweeted about how Nano was to be exclusively integrated into Kappture electronic Point-of-Sale devices. And it just felt like Nano to the Moon. 

We are at a point in time where the chances are high for the economy to go standstill.  We might touch on a survival approach. Stock markets might hit hard; however, all this will get over with an innovation and resistance medication making it to the market. When things get back to normal financial innovations will rock.

Nano Real World Adoption in the Past

An instance of real-world adoption from the past was a self-servicing Kiosk. In the past one, Neil Haran tweeted:  “Supports sub-second #cryptocurrency $NANO natively alongside EMV. No transaction fees for crypto.” What made the process more impressive was that the securely decentralized Nano Network confirmed the payment. The instant, no-fees, and fully confirmed in the first layer made the deal interesting, and it looked like the future was unfolding there. Thus, Nano, a currency that has been fair to the users, already gained traction in the real-time world.  Many opined that this was 100 times better than using a credit card.

These cryptocurrency products were put to trial with merchants in private in the past year. These products have a high potential as they can help save on VISA fees, and it will be possible to pass some or all of the fees saved to customers who are paying in Nano.  This has a lot of prospects for future adoption with merchants and customers.