Cardano (ADA) to Bear the Full Burden of Scientific Due Diligence in Entire Blockchain Industry

By Maheen Hernandez March 24, 2020 Off
cardano ada blockchain piece of science

Sydney Ifergan, the Crypto Expert, tweeted:  “Cardano (ADA) seems to have taken a serious responsibility, which is evident from the words of Charles Hoskinson about due diligence, which further justifies the delays in the project.”

Cardanians io tweeted:  “#Cardano is a great piece of science, and it needs its time. Once the decentralized Shelley main-net is launched, there will be nothing better in the space. We will make ten levels up.”

Charles Hoskinson has been taking about deadlines and delays explaining why it takes time for Cardano.  He spoke about the Byron reboot and stated that it was a culmination of about 18 months of engineering effort.  He recollected on the history of the project and kind of explained where the project is exactly today. He clarified on why things have taken so long. 

Cardano (ADA) A Scientific Project

Cardano (ADA) was very honest when they started and stated that they were a scientific project.  He said that in a scientific project, we mean and do science.  He reinstated that science is unpredictable.  He spoke about the current global pandemic and opined that everybody knows that it is going to kill millions of people.  And, how it was shutting the entire world down.  He questioned on why don’t we have a vaccine? He implied that we have several vaccine candidates. 

He simulated people to think about why don’t we go around injecting people by mass with these candidates. However, it is clear that Maybe they work and Maybe they don’t work.

A lot of people are running to chloroquine because a single study with 40 people says it has some benefit.  Chloroquine is not a safe drug; it can cause quite a severe problem.  Azithromycin treats bacterial infections; it has got nothing to do with viruses.  People cling to home claim hope, and they want something now.

Cardano (ADA) Follows a Systematic Way of Thinking

The point of science is to remove human beings from the process and to follow a systematic way of thinking.  So that you could resolve problems.  Cardano (ADA) was never a project that signed up to build yet another cryptocurrency. We have them; we have Bitcoin. We have Ethereum.  We have EOS. We have IOTA. There are hundreds of projects.  

If we enter the market and the only thing that we offer was a smart contract and good consensus protocols, we just are one among the 3000 and how do we get ahead.  Cardano is a project that is meant to bear the full burden of scientific due diligence of the entire blockchain industry. So, we are starting from the ground, from the first principle in 2015.  What is a ledger? What are the accounting models? How do you write this smart contract programming language?