Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Roger Ver Recollected Business Situation that Influenced Blockchain Network

By Steven Anderson March 24, 2020 Off
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Roger Ver, of opined that too many people support what is popular rather than what is right. 

Roger Ver recollected what KimDotCom told on Jan 30th about coronavirus.  He opines that is a very solid business advice.  It read like:  “I think WHO will declare an international health crisis tomorrow.  If you want a quick buck buy short futures for airlines, large hotel chains, and even Disney (large amusement parks will be empty.)”

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “For those whose lives are on the line due to #COVID19, they well know things are not overblown. I think people as influential and loud voiced like Roger Ver of #BitcoinCash (#BCH) could help bring in some alert about the harm in this serious situation.”

Roger Ver opined that the public reaction to the coronavirus will cause far more harm and deaths than the actual illness itself.

At TCAT we opine the trend is serious and we cannot afford to be dumb during crisis situations. The virus is also a major trigger for the market crash.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Bears Taking Control

Roger firmly believes that everyone in the world should have access to their money without having to deal with a bank.  When there is more economic freedom, the quality of life is higher.  The wallet pinpoints the locations which accept Bitcoin Cash.  Thus they have made it easy to identify thousands of locations from across the world. 

Recently Roger Ver highlighted the launch of the lottery dot  This is the outcome of the result of the partnership between and Bravio Technologies Limited.   The lottery is launched and users will be able to play the most popular global lotteries from any location.  The tickets can be purchased with Bitcoin Cash (BCH) or Bitcoin Core (BTC) as payment methods. 

Further, he spoke about Bitcoin.Com Wallet app, which surpassed 10 million wallets which were created.  

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Houses are continuing to launch across the world. Bitcoin Cash House believes in meeting with exclusive guests and opines it is fruitful because when entrepreneurs who already accept Bitcoin meet each other, they are encouraged by virtue of the experience of the other colleague.

The provides benefits which users can count on like end-to-end encryption, messaging forward secrecy, financial forward secrecy, and a secure signature system. 

A rating system based on reviews and in-person trading is also encouraged in the local usage. However, there are no KYC or surveillance.  A self-custodial wallet with end-to-end chat encryption with low transaction fees is facilitated.  Interesting Idea, time should unfold on how things work.