TRON (TRX) Justin Sun Spreading Positivity Talks of Hope after 55+ days of Wuhan Struggle

By Maheen Hernandez March 25, 2020 Off
Tron TRX justin sun positivity

Tron Justin Sun requests some positivity.  He tweeted that it is important to stay united and stay positive and away from negativity. 

Justin Sun tweeted:  “Since the beginning, TRON has donated supplies to China & helped people in Wuhan/Hubei. Now that it has spread globally, we will continue our efforts & commitment to the world & TRON community by doing all that we can to help all the people affected.”

He opined that we need to reflect, stay calm, and remember that this too shall pass.  He thanked all the doctors and nurses who are working tirelessly trying to contain this virus.  He appreciated the fact that all are doing well.  He stated that TRON, as a community, will do their part.  He gave a big shout out to everyone else fighting COVID-19 no matter where and who you are.

He recollected how COVID-19 seemed unstoppable in China 55 days ago, and he stated that with proper measures and a positive mindset, it was proved that it could be contained.  He said that we have to continue obeying all orders imposed by the government and WHO.  He stated that we have to hang in there, and we are not to give up.

Justin Sun expressed that when they first learned about COVID-19, we shared the same panic.  He stated that they had TRON members in Wuhan/Hubei at the time.  They did not know about the virus, and there are a lot of uncertainties.  From Day #1, Tron has been sending medical supplies to China.  China has now lifted the lockdown on Wuhan and stated that it was good news as the situation can be contained.  He expressed his happiness about the fact that the TRON members are healthy.

TRON (TRX) Ecosystem Gaining Strength

A Cryptocurrency attitude doing the rounds is that the crypto can go anywhere in the world while you in the couch, but money doesn’t have to be.

Sydney Ifergan, the Crypto Expert, tweeted:  “An awesome video about Justin Sun was created by a TRON TRX community member.  It states Justin Sun as only one.  It seems like the Tronics adore and like their leader.”

The TRON Weekly Report spoke about the optimized documents on lite full node.  The total contracts created on TRON exceeded 30,000.  The Tron Network released the Odyssey 3.7.  The price of the TRX has been going up and down.  The TRON ecosystem seems to be gaining strength.