Litecoin (LTC) Shows Lot of Similarity to Bitcoin in a highly volatile Cryptocurrency Market

By Maheen Hernandez March 25, 2020 Off
Litecoin LTC bitcoin cryptocurrency market

You will realize that all your previous fears were unfounded, thus permitting you to embrace future fears.

Investors and Litecoin fans opine that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin are better options for actual use case than Silver and Gold during the time of crisis.  At this point in time they are not propagating about buying one over the other, rather they state that it is obviously easier to use the cryptocurrencies at the time of need.

With gold and silver it is possible to have them locked in vaults and during times of crisis that we are now going through it is not possible to access them.  There are lot of logistical problems.  Litecoin is sound money.

Charlie Lee, creator of Litecoin tweeted:  “I used to think that a Bitcoin ETF will kickstart the next bull market. I was wrong. Joe Sixpack will unfortunately get hit very hard due to the aftermath of the coronavirus and the central banks will keep on printing money. Joe will wonder if there’s a better way.”

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted:  “The World is keeping fingers crossed for corona recoveries.  This is also the first time when many people are prospecting to buy Litecoin, Bitcoin and others. The world now knows it is not too much panic, but lot of reason.”

Lot of things are under discussion.  Litecoin will not ask for the coins in return in the future and they will not airdrop any coins. It definitely has the key to financial freedom per investors.

Litecoin (LTC) 50/50 Investment Interest

Recently, Primacare Living Solutions tweeted:  “Staff in #LTC continue to do amazing work during difficult times. Active screening, diligent infection control practices and visitor restrictions are keeping residents physically safe. Extra love and acts of kindness are keeping residents emotionally safe while away from family.”

When questioned about whether one would invest $41,000 if you only get two choices: 1. Buy 6 Bitcoin (#BTC); 2. Buy 1010 Litecoin (#LTC). One of the interesting replies read 50/50.  This means several investors know that Litecoin works at pat with Bitcoin standards.

The overall cryptocurrency market is volatile and it is expected that the Litecoin will see another price crash pretty soon.  Some opine that Litecoin will provide some clarity to unpredictable market.  And, several Altcoins continue to be tied to Bitcoin fortune.

There are lot of differences between different cryptocurrencies, but despite the differences they seem to fall and rise with the Bitcoin.