Cardano (ADA) Deadlines and Delays and the OneCoin Vibe on Federal Reserve Printing Money

By dan saada March 26, 2020 Off
cardano ada onecoin vibe

On March 25, 2020, Cardano launched its off-chain scalability protocol, Ouroboros Hydra, after five years of development. This protocol increases the scalability and low latency for the Cardano blockchain using little storage on the network’s nodes.

The protocol also facilitates micropayments, voting, insurance contracts, and several other uses, which benefits from low fees with instant transactions.

Ouroboros Hydra is more scalable. Every user who connects to the network will create heads, and these are throughput lanes for data and transactions.  Thus, the system gets faster as the latency decreases when it scales.

The hydra paper states that the bottleneck is the network connection between the participants and not the protocol., tweeted:  “Many members of the #Cardano community joined the project [email protected] and actively help to fight Covid-19. Everybody can join.” Further tweeted:  “Cardano is a great piece of science, and it needs its time. Once the decentralized Shelley main-net is launched, there will be nothing better in the space. We will make ten levels up.”

Charles Hoskinson recently detailed the reasons for why they need more time in this video on deadlines and delays.

Sydney Ifergan, the Crypto Expert, tweeted:  “Printing Money to provide liquidity to the Financial System is insane.  I agree with Cardano ADA Charles Hoskinson calling it OneCoin Vibe.”

Yet another concept that has made it to the cryptocurrency market is that holding cash might not be beneficial in the current circumstances as the currency gets devalued, and the purchasing power declines.  So, the cryptocurrency enthusiasts state that this is potentially the reason for where the fiat loves should consider investing in cryptocurrencies like Cardano (ADA) and the other kinds of suitable Altcoins.

Cardano (ADA) OneCoin Vibe

Charles Hoskinson gave his prediction about Trump reopening, stating, “Here is my prediction. I could be totally wrong, but I think Trump is actually going to shut down the country with a full quarantine at the end of his 15-day guidelines next week. The speculation about reopening is to prevent people from panicking or relocating.”

Scalability is everything, and it is the Holy Grail in the blockchain space.  It is time for a principled and evidence-based approach in facilitating blockchain scalability solutions.  Cardano ADA is working on it.

Looking at the United States Federal Reserve continuing to print USD, Charles Hoskinson stated that he was “getting a real OneCoin vibe.”

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