Twitter bans Kraken’s support handle – krakensupport

By Maheen Hernandez March 7, 2018 Off
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Kraken has announced ban of its krakensupport twitter handle by the microblogging platform.

According to Kraken the support handle was banned without any clear reason except for twitter alleging a “rule violations”. According to a statement released by Kraken, the @krakensupport was permanently banned by twitter for “rules” against repeatedly warning pertaining to unmitigated scams in the replies.

Chances are that the ban is rooted in some misunderstanding. Kraken is the latest victim of scammers who pretend to be legitimate entities then try to make you believe they are giving away free crypto.

Scammer replying to Kraken while the crypto exchange says their support was banned because clueless twitter presumably thought they were the scammer.

Emin Gün Sirer‏, Cornell Professor, said: “These scams are getting out of hand. @jack, @twitter, if you can’t detect this kind of brazen scam, what hope do you have of improving your platform?”

Of course, as we long found out with e-mail spam, you can’t quite get rid of them. There will always be some Nigerian prince happy to send you millions if you just send him some dollars.

Presumably that sort of spam still works because they keep sending them, but e-mail providers long found out how to use algorithms to send them to a spam folder.

Twitter will probably have to do the same unless they want their comments or reply sections to become a tumbleweeds zone with spammers talking to themselves, but it seems very clear twitter is in no way prepared for any of that.

Because they are busy currently dealing with subjective “fake news,” instead of clearing up common spam and scams  by coding an easy bot that says njet if 0.1 eth = 1eth back.